10 Natural remedies for Gallstones

Gallstones or Pittashay ki Patharee:

gallstones natural remediesGallstones (pittashay ki patharee) are tiny ‘stones’ formed in the gallbladder out of bile components (digestive fluid).
The gallbladder is a small pear shaped organ of human body which is attached to under surface of the liver on the right side. The main function of the gallbladder is to store the bile secreted by the liver. Bile is an excretion composed mainly of bile salts and acids, colour pigments and cholesterol. It assists in the digestion and absorption of fat- soluble vitamins- A, D, E, and K, minerals and calcium. Gallstones are usually formed due to disturbances in the composition of the bile.

Stones in the gallbladder can cause sharp, intense pain in the upper right part of the abdomen that may radiate to back and up to shoulder blade. In the starting, the gallstone may be in the form of particles that may result in the multiple larger stones overtime. Gallstones may be suspected based on symptoms and then confirmed by Ultra sound.

There are three types of gall stones depending on the cause of their formation. These are- cholesterol stones, caused by the ratio of cholesterol to bile salts; pigment stones composed of bile pigment and caused by the destruction of red cells due to certain blood disease and mixed stones- consisting of layers of cholesterol, calcium and bile pigment resulting from stagnation of the bile flow. Third type of gallstone is by far the most common of it.

Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Gallbladder Stones:

The major symptom of gallbladder stone is acute or intermittent epigastric pain that may last several minutes, up to a few hours. This pain may be in the right portion or the centre of the abdomen, in right shoulder or in back pain between shoulder blades. Indigestion, gas, a feeling of fullness after meals, constipation, nausea and disturbed vision are the other usual symptoms.

Gall stones are usually caused by disturbances in the composition of the bile (digestive fluid). A change in the ratio of the cholesterol and bile salts may result in the formation of deposits. Improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and obesity may be the other reasons of gallstone formation. Over nutrition leads to increased cholesterol secretion. The incidence of gall stones is higher in females than males and most common in the old age.

The treatment of gallbladder stone is surgery only, if the gall stones are very large and complicated. So consult your doctor at first for proper diagnosis and treatment. There are several home remedies that can be used to treat smaller gall stones. However there are no scientific evidences regarding these home remedies, but they are proved successful in many cases. So, you can try it after consulting your doctor.

Home Remedies for Gallstones (pittashay ki pathree):

1. Juice of Beetroot, Cucumber and Carrot for Gallstones:

Beetroot, cucumber and carrot for gallstonesFresh juice of beetroot (Chukandar) in combination with cucumber (kheera or kakdi) and carrot (gajar) is good for removing gall- stone naturally. Beetroot is good for cleaning gallbladder and liver colon. Cucumber is rich in water which helps in detoxifying the gallbladder and liver. Likewise carrot is also very good for health having vitamin C and high nutrients.

Therefore take a glass of beetroot juice with combination of cucumber and carrot in equal amount twice a day to remove gallbladder stones without surgery. You can take one beetroot, one cucumber and 4-5 carrots at a time for making juice or you can change the quantity as per size of the veggies.

2. Apple with Apple cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar for gallstonesApple juice has mallic acid which softens the stones and enable them to pass easily through the gall ducts. It shows better results if you take it with Apple cider vinegar. Acidic components of apple cider vinegar prevents liver from making cholesterol and also help in resolving gallbladder stones (pittashay ki patharee) and controlling pain. However, there is no scientific proof of this but it is in use since long for removing gall stones.

For treating gall stones naturally, take a glass of apple juice with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar twice a day.
Or, whenever you have pain due to gall stone, take a glass of apple juice with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar to get relief.

Another effective remedy of using apple cider vinegar is to take 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

3. Juice of Pear for Gallstone (Pittashay ki patharee):

Pear for gallstonesPear is a type of fruit having lots of health benefits; it has ‘pectene’ which is important for regulating the production of cholesterol. For removing gall stones, drink a glass of pear juice mixing with a glass of warm water and 2 tbsp of honey. You can take it three times a day.

Pear juice gives better results if you mix it with apple and beetroot. Mix equal quantity of all the three juices and take one glass of juice twice a day.

4. Mint Leaves for Gallstone:

Mint leaves for gallstonesMint has ‘terpene’ which helps in softening of the stones. Its leaves tea may help in removing gall stones. Boil few leaves of mint in a glass of water like tea, let it to be cool and drink lukewarm with 1 tbsp of honey two times in a day. You have to follow this remedy for few weeks regularly for removing gall stones.

5. Turmeric for Gallstones (Pittashay ki patharee):

Turmeric or haldi is a superb natural medicine that can remove gall stone too. It helps in digestion, reduce inflammation and supports liver health; turmeric resolves acid composite and stones easily. It is believed that by taking 1 tsp of turmeric powder daily 80% stones will be removed naturally.

6. Use of Castor Oil:

Castor oil (Arandi ka tel) has medicinal properties; it helps in controlling pain due to gall stone. Whenever you have pain in your gallbladder, firstly soak a cheese cloth in lukewarm Castor oil, remove extra oil from the cloth and then cover the right side of the belly (liver side) with this cloth. Castor oil is sticky, therefore wrap the cloth with plastic sheet and place a hot compress over this for half an hour.

7. Lemon Juice for Gallstone:

Lemon for gallstonesVitamin C is important for preventing gallstone; it helps to convert cholesterol of body into acid that resolves the gall- stones (pittashay ki patharee). Lemon is rich in vitamin C; take 1 tsp of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water daily as a first thing in the morning and drink up to 3-4 glasses of lemon juice with lukewarm water throughout the day. It can cure all kinds of gallbladder problem.

To control gallstones pain, you can increase the intake of vitamin C rich other juices also such as orange, tomato, lime etc. or fruits like guava, kiwi, papaya, mango.

8. Dandelion for Gallstones (Pittashay ki patharee):

Dandelion for GallstonesDandelion is a type of herb that contains a compound known as ‘taraxacin’. Taraxacin helps in bile excretion from the liver and metabolizing of fat accumulated in the liver. Use of Dandelion leaf helps to stimulate the secretion of bile.

Therefore, try this herbal mixture to remove gallstones naturally. For making this mixture, take 1 tbsp of dried dandelion leaf, 1 tsp of honey and a cup of hot water. Mix the dandelion leaf powder in the hot water, cover it with a lid and let it steep for a few minutes. Then sieve it and drink like tea twice a day (15 minutes before meal) for 2-3 weeks.
Dandelion is not good for diabetics, so don’t try it.

9.Psyllium or Isabgol for Gallstone:

Psyllium(isabgol) for GallstonePsyllium husk or Isabgol is an herb which is used as a dietary supplement and is usually found in the form of husk. Isabgol or psyllium is an excellent source of soluble fiber which helps to prevent gallstone formation by binding the cholesterol in bile. Mix 1 tsp of psyllium or Isabgol husk in a glass of water and drink immediately before going to sleep.

10. Horse Gram or Kulthi for Gallstone:

Horse Gram(Kulthi) for GallstoneKulthi or horse gram is an excellent home remedy for resolving gallbladder stones. Take 25 gm of horse gram or kulthi and grind it slightly; add this kulthi in 400 ml of water and boil till it remains 100 ml. Filter it in a cup and drink lukewarm two times (50-50 ml) in a day. Follow this remedy for 20 days and then check through ultrasound; if necessary, you can repeat it.

11. Leaves of Kalanchoe Pinnata or Patharchatta ke Patte:

Kalanchoe Pinnata(Patharchatta) leaves for gallstonesKalanchoe Pinnata or Patharchatta is a medicinal herb which remains available almost everywhere in India. Leaves of this plant is very good to remove multiple small stones of gall bladder. To make infusion, boil the leaves (2-3) of Kalanchoe Pinnata or Patharchatta in water thoroughly, sieve it and drink two times in a day. You can extract the juice of 2-3 fresh leaves of Kalanchoe Pinnata instead of boiling; firstly crush the leaves and filter with a soft cotton cloth. Drink it twice daily for 1-2 weeks.

Another method of taking Patharchatta ke patte or leaves of Kalanchoe Pinnata is by grinding with mishri or sugar candy. Grind 1-2 leaf of Kalanchoe Pinnata and 5-6 pieces of sugar candy, consume it with a glass of water daily on an empty stomach. With a regular use of 7-15 days, stones will be passed through gall ducts.

Kalanchoe Pinnata or Patharchatta is a small perennial plant which grows in a temperate region up to 1 meter of height. This plant does not grow from seeds; it propagates from the leaves of plant and can easily be grown in pots.

12. Root of Papaya (Papita):

Papaya root for gallstonesRoot of papaya is also helps in softening gallstones (pittashay ki patharee). Grind a small piece of the root of papaya to make powder. Mix 1 tsp (5-6 gm) of papaya root powder in 2-3 tbsp of water (1/4th cup), sieve it and drink regularly for 3 weeks. It softens the stones and removes from gall bladder.

Or you can simply extract the juice of a small piece of papaya, mix some water in it and consume early in the morning on an empty stomach.

13. Chanca Piedra or Bhuianvalah:

Chanca Piedra(bhuianvalah) for gallstones Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus Niruri) or Bhuianvalah or Bhumi amla (Hindi name) is a widespread tropical plant found in coastal area. Also known by the name of stone breaker, Chanca Piedra or Bhuianvalah is famous for its medicinal properties and is used to resolve kidney and gallstones. It increases bile acid secretion in the gallbladder.
Prepare tea of Chanca Piedra or Bhuianvalah by adding its dried leaves into hot water. Take 3-4 cups of hot water, place dried bhuianvalah leaves (1tbsp) in water and steep for 15-20 minutes. Then stir the tea and strain to remove the leaves; you can add sweetener if required. Drink one cup tea at a time in 3 doses daily.


Chanca Piedra or Bhuianvalah may lower the blood sugar and blood pressure level, therefore be cautious and consult experts before applying this remedy. It may cause sedation or drowsiness too.

Other Tips for Gallstone (Pittashay ki Patharee):

  • Include black pepper, dry ginger, turmeric, asafoetida and lemon juice in your daily food.
  • Adopt the high fibre- low fat diet. Don’t take white sugar, junk food, oily and spicy food, meat, egg and alcohol.
  • Drink lots of water during a day i.e. at least 8-10 glass of water in a day is good for over all health.
  • Use of fresh juices of carrot, beetroot, and cucumber helps to cleanse the gallbladder; radish juice gives relief in gallstone pain.
  • Drink lemon juice with warm water on an empty stomach daily in the morning.
  • Fruit of jambolan or jamun is also good to resolve gallstones.
  • Pear juice also cleanses gallbladder; grapes or its juice is also good for gallstone.
  • Drink 1-2 cup of coffee daily; it stimulates gallbladder.
  • Include yoghurt, cottage cheese, and 1-2 spoon of olive oil in your daily food.
  • Aloe vera juice and coconut water help to resolve gallstones. Consume 20 ml of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach and coconut water 3-4 times in a day.


All the remedies given above are for the purpose of knowledge only; it is neither to be construed as a diagnosis or treatment, nor to be considered as a substitute for medical care from a doctor. Drinking of lots of juices may not be healthy in case of diabetes, stomach ulcers etc. Therefore consult your doctor before trying these natural remedies.

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