10 Natural Remedies for Urine Infection

Urine Infection:

Urine infection can occur when some bacteria grow inside the bladder. It is a very common problem which may affect anyone either it is man or woman. But women are more prone to urine infection.

Frequent urge to urinate, passing small quantity of urine, change in colour of urine, burning sensation in urine, nausea and abdominal cramping are the main symptoms of urine infection. Treatment of urine infection should be started immediately to avoid risk of complications. There are some effective natural remedies to control and treat this infection without antibiotics.Urine infection remedy

Natural Remedies to Cure Urine Infection:

1. Barley for Urine Infection:

Barley is having good diuretic activity and is useful in urine tract infection.(1)

  • Firstly, take 20 gm Barley (Jau) and clean it.
  • Then boil them with 2 glass of water in a pan till it reduced to half and keep it to be cool.
  • Now consume this water by dividing in 4-5 dosage (equally) in a day.
  • With a regular use of 3-4 days, urine problem will be cured completely

2. Indian Gooseberry or Amla Juice:

Indian gooseberry (amla) is a most effective natural treatment of urine infection. It is an excellent source of vitamin C that controls growth of bacteria. Uncontrolled urine problems (Bahumutra) can also be cured with the use of amla juice. Fresh Amla remains available in market from October to March.

How to make Amla Juice:

To prepare amla juice, take 3-4 big amla and wash it properly. Then grate them and extract the juice with a help of thin cotton cloth. Or you can grind amla after cutting in small pieces. After that sieve the paste of amla with the help of thin cloth and drink three times in a day.

3. Coconut Water for Urine Infection:

Coconut water (nariyal pani) is also good to cure urine infections. Take one ‘Nariyal Pani’ daily in the morning and get rid of urine infection. You can follow this remedy for one week or till it required. Coconut water is good for health and there is no harm if you take it regularly for a longer period.

4. Drinking of Plenty of Water:

Drinking of plenty of water with regular intervals helps to subside your urine related diseases because drinking water can help to flush away bacteria through urination. (2) Drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water daily and follow this regularly in case of recurrent urine infections.

5. Cinnamon for Urine Infection:

Cinnamon (dalchini) can cure uncontrolled urine (‘bahumutra’) problem.

  • Simply, collect 10 gm of cinnamon and 10 gm rock sugar (mishri).
  • Grind both the ingredients into mixer- grinder to make fine powder.
  • Now, take 2 gm of this powder with water before going to sleep at night.
  • With a regular use of 10- 15 days, frequent urination problem will be cured.

6. Papaya Fruit for Urine Infection:

Do you know papaya can treat any type of urine problem? Yes, it is. Eating of ripe papaya regularly can cure any type of urine problems. Therefore, take 300 gm ripe papaya, chop it after peeling. Eat it daily for 1-2 week or till required. However, there is no harm if you continue it for longer period; papaya has lots of health benefits.

7. Wood Apple Squash for Urine Infection:

Wood apple squash (Bel-ka-sharbat) has cooling properties; it cures any type of urine problem permanently.


Wood Apple (Bel fruit)                                                              2

Sugar (Shakkar)                                                                      4-5 tbsp

Roasted Cumin seeds powder (Jeera)                                  1 tsp

Black salt powder (Kala Namak)                                           1 tsp

  • Wash and remove the pulp of bel fruit after chopping.
  • Put the pulp in a pan and add double quantity of water in it.
  • Mash the pulp with fingers thoroughly.
  • Keep a strainer on a jar and pour the pulp in it.
  • Press the pulp with a spatula and extract the juice.
  • Now add the sugar in quince juice and mix it to be dissolved into the juice.
  • Before drinking squash, add cumin seeds powder and black salt powder in it.

8. Peel of Muskmelon:

To control urine problems, use ‘Peel of musk-melon’ (kharbuja ka chhilka) –

  • Remove the peel (outer layer or rind) of muskmelon at first.
  • Then wash it properly and cut into small pieces.
  • Boil the small pieces of muskmelon peel into two glass of water till it remains half.
  • Strain it into a glass and consume after breakfast.
  • Drink this water for 3-5 days regularly or till the problem disappeared completely.

9. Seeds of Bottle Gourd for Urine Infection:

Bottle gourd (lauki) is very good for health.

  • At first, take a ripe bottle gourd and remove some seeds of it.
  • Then grind these seeds (beej) with half cup of water.
  • Keep a strainer upon a glass and pour the pulp on it.
  • Now, strain the juice by pressing the pulp with a spoon and drink it.

It is a simple natural remedy to control urine related problems which has no side effect; you can use it for 2-3 weeks or till required.

10. Frequent Urination:

Most urinary infections caused due to not going to urinate as often as you need to – or ‘holding it’. Therefore, whenever you feel going to urinate, go ahead to empty your bladder even if it is in small quantity. Avoiding the urge of urination or ‘holding it’ habit allows bacteria to continue multiplying inside in the bladder. Following habits may help to reduce or eliminate urine infections-

  • Drink lots of water (8-10 glasses in a day).
  • Follow the rules of hygiene.
  • Urinate as soon as you feel it.


Urine infection is very common and easily cured with antibiotics. It is cured within 4-5 days even without medicine. But it is better to treat immediately. All the above remedies are safe and effective and give results within 1 or 2 days. But If you have not received a positive response of these remedies i.e. your infection is not cured, consult your doctor immediately.

However, all remedies given above are mentioned for the purpose of knowledge only; they aren’t the substitute of medical treatment. And the results may vary person to person.