12 Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus or Kheera) is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family. It is a creeping vine that roots in the ground and grows up trellises or other supporting frame. It is used as a culinary vegetable. Cucumber contains Vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium; it is 95% water. It is also high in potassium, iron, vitamin B, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Cucumber juice is healthy, nutritious and versatile drink. It is good for body health; it is used as preliminary natural medicine for some health problems, like- weight loss, urine problem, bone health and digestion etc.Cucumber or kheera benefits

Major Health Benefits of Cucumber Juice:

1. Cucumber for Kidney Related Problems:

Cucumber (kheera) helps in kidneys and urinary bladder disease. It is good to treat various kidney problems, such as-

a. Cucumber Juice for Urine Retention:

Cucumber is popular for its overall health benefits. It is one of the best natural diuretic, known for secreting and promoting the urine flow. If you have urine retention or urine passing problem (mutra rog), drink half glass cucumber juice in the morning. Cucumber is 95% water; it keeps you hydrated and helps the body to eliminate toxins.

b. Frequent Urination (Bahumutra rog):

Frequent urination (bahumutra) is a need to urinate more than the normal condition. To treat this problem in a natural way without medicine, take half glass cucumber juice twice a day i.e. in morning and evening.

c. Yellow Urination:

Yellow urination problem is normally created during summer when the body gets dehydrated faster because lots of water is lost through sweat. Urine becomes yellow because of a waste product called urolbilins and people may feel burning during urination. To cure this type of problem, you must drink a glass of cucumber juice with black salt (kala namak) and lemon juice (nimbu ras). It should be taken in the morning regularly for 7 days. This is a best natural remedy to cure yellow urination or burning problem without any medication.

d. Kidney Stone:

Cucumber juice helps to remove kidney stone (pathri) too. Take 250 ml juice thrice a day regularly for 40 days. It helps to break the stone in small pieces and flushes it out.

Method of Making Cucumber Juice:

  • For making cucumber juice, wash it and slice off the ends of the cucumber (kheera) with knife.
  • Then chop them into large chunks and place the chunks into the juicer for making juice.
  • If you have not juicer, you can use mixer grinder.
  • After chopping in small chunks, grind them in grinder and then strain the pulp with sieve or thin cotton cloth. Juice is ready for use.

2. Cucumber Juice for Digestion:

Cucumber is good for digestive system as it is rich in fiber and low in saturated fat. It contains erepsin- the enzyme that helps to digest protein. By including cucumber in your daily diet, you can control constipation (kabj) too. Eating salad of cucumber and tomato with black salt powder, black pepper powder and lemon juice improves digestion.

3. Maintains Blood Pressure:

Cucumber (kheera) contains potassium that makes it highly useful for both high and low blood pressure and keeps it normal. Take a cup of cucumber juice daily (two times). Kheera remains available in the market in all seasons.

4. Cucumber Juice for Bone Health:

Cucumber is good for bones health because of its calcium and vitamin-K. Vitamin K is necessary for bone health and one cup of cucumber juice fulfills the daily need of vitamin K. It is a good source of silica which helps in construction of the connective tissues like- bones, ligament, muscles, cartilage and tendons- in our body. A mixture of cucumber and carrot juice is beneficial for rheumatic conditions.


Cucumber juice                              1 cup

Carrot juice                                    1 cup

For making juice of cucumber and carrot, you have to use juicer. A big size of a cucumber and 300 gm. carrots are sufficient for 1-1 cup of juices. Now mix both the juices and give it to the patient. This controls uric acid and removes inflammation. It is better to take in the morning before breakfast. This is a self-tested natural remedy.

5. Effective in Hair Growth:

Cucumber juice is most effective for hair growth because of its content silicon and sulfur. Wash your hairs with its juice after doing shampoo; it makes your hair shinier and stronger. For better results, drink cucumber juice also with carrot, spinach or lettuce. You can mix all the four vegetables.


Cucumber                                     1 (Kheera)

Carrot                                           3-4 (Gajar)

Spinach                                        2 cup (Palak)

Lettuce                                         2 cup (chopped) (Salad Patta)

  • For making juice, clean all the vegetables and extract juice with the help of juicer.
  • If you have not juicer, you can use blender or mixer-grinder.
  • Grind all the vegetables properly in grinder after chopping in small pieces.
  • Then place a strainer or sieve on a jar and pour prepared juice on it.
  • Press the pulp with spatula to get maximum juice and discard the remaining pulp. Juice is ready to drink.

6. Cucumber Juice for Diabetes:

Cucumber (kheera) helps the cells of pancreas to produce insulin. Diabetics should drink one glass cucumber juice with one lemon juice and a teaspoon black salt for forty days, mild diabetes will be cured permanently.

7. Good for Acidity:

Cucumber (kheera) is an alkaline food therefore it helps to regulate pH of the body and neutralizes the acidity. It also controls gastric problem; one should eat one cucumber as salad with black salt and lemon with meal every day. It is more effective in controlling acid reflux.

8. Cures Joint Pain:

Joint pain or arthritis is a common health problem in which patient feels pain and difficulty in movement. Cucumber is good for bone health; it helps to cure joint pain or arthritis, especially when you use it with carrot. Therefore, arthritis patient should eat it regularly.

9. Brown Spots on Face:

Cucumber is good for skin problems because of vitamin- C and anti-oxidants. For curing black patches (jhaiyan) or brown spots on face, put cucumber pieces on the affected area for half an hour twice a day; it will cure black patches on face within one month. It is also very good to treat sunburns. Rub the cucumber juice on the affected area for 2-3 times in a day.

10. Cucumber for Tired Eyes:

Cucumber is the best therapy for tired eyes; eyes became red or tired by watching TV or using computer. To get relief from this tiredness, you should put round slices of cucumber on your eyes for ten minutes. Some people have puffy eyes when they wake up in the morning, it is also good for puffy eyes. To remove this puffiness, lie down and put two slices of cucumber on your eyes for ten minutes.

11. Cures Pieria:

Pieria or pyria is a disease of gums; cucumber is believed to be good to cure this problem. It contains dietary fiber which improves teeth and gum health when they are rubbed against them while chewing. Eat only some cucumber twice a day or sip its juice slowly (refer to ‘Remedies for Pieria“)

12. Cucumber for Weight Loss:

Cucumber (kheera) has a good potential for fighting against obesity (motapa). It is 95% water and very low in calories. Its soluble fiber helps in feeling you full longer and prevents you from eating more. Therefore, include it in your daily diet plan for weight loss; in fact, eat cucumber whenever you feel hungry.