12 Health Benefits of Karela Juice

  • March 24, 2018

Bitter gourd or karelaKarela or Bitter Gourd Juice:

Karela juice or bitter gourd juice is a type of vegetable juice which is commonly used for its health benefits. Though taste of bitter gourd (scientific name- Momordica Charantia) is extremely bitter but It is known for its nutritional and medicinal uses. It is an excellent source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and beta-carotene.

Karela or bitter gourd is very high in dietary fibre and low in calories. Bitter gourd juice has been used as a traditional natural medicine for a variety of diseases since ancient era like- skin diseases, respiratory diseases, wounds, ulcer, gout, and rheumatism etc.

Major Health Benefits of Karela or Bitter Gourd juice:

1. Bitter Gourd Juice for Diabetes:

Bitter gourd or karela juiceBitter gourd or bitter melon is commonly used for the treatment of diabetes. It is explored that bitter gourd or ‘karela’ has unique phyto- constituents called “charantin” and “polypeptide-P” which have proved to have hypoglycaemic and insulin like effects. That’s why, it acts like insulin made in pancreas and lowers blood sugar level especially in Type 2 diabetes. For making juice of karela-

  • Take one big bitter gourd, wash the bitter gourd (karela) and cut in 2-3 pieces (vertical).
  • Now extract the juice with the help of juicer.
  • If you have not juicer, grind it in mixer grinder after cutting in small pieces. Then extract the juice with the help of a thin cotton cloth.
  • Ingest 10-20 gm bitter gourd juice empty stomach daily to control blood sugar level of the diabetics.

If you can’t drink bitter gourd or karela juice, you can use it in powder form also. To make powder, cut bitter gourd in small pieces after washing and dry those pieces in shadow. After drying completely, grind them to make powder.

Take10 gm of this bitter gourd powder twice a day to cure diabetes. By taking this powder for 3-4 months, diabetes will be cured completely.

(Note:- Karela may cause hypoglycaemia that is harmful for diabetics. It may require to adjust the medication dosage, so consult your doctor before use.)

2. Purifies Blood:

Karela or Bitter gourd has blood purifying properties therefore good for skin problems. Its juice purifies blood and cures blood boils, acne and pimples naturally.

3. Karela Juice for Urine Retention:

Urine retention problem is most common in older people. Bitter gourd or bitter melon works effectively to cure this type of urine retention problem.

  • To extract the juice, take some karela plant leaves and grind it after cleaning with water.
  • Then, sieve the paste with the help of a thin cotton cloth.
  • Now, ingest 3-4 tbsp (or 15-20 ml) juice with a pinch of asafoetida (heeng).
  • It helps to empty the bladder and get relief.

4. Good for Liver Problem:

Karela or bitter gourd is beneficial as liver tonic if it is consumed regularly. Some research shows that karela juice is able to boost antioxidants activity in liver. It cures digestive problems because of its constituent- cellulose which is very good source of fiber.


Bitter Gourd juice                                20 gm (Karela)

Mustard Powder                                   5 gm (Rai )

Rock Salt Powder                                3 gm (Sendha Namak)

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly and ingest this juice empty stomach. It cures liver problem and give relief from indigestion and constipation.

5. Sole (Feet) Burning Sensation:

Sole (feet) burning sensation is a common problem which may be occurred due to different reasons. Bitter gourd or karela juice controls sole burning (talwa me jalan).

Extract the juice of bitter gourd and rub your sole (talwa) for 5-10 minutes before going to bed at night. You can continue its use for 10-15 days or as per requirement. It will cure sole burning in a natural way.

6. Bitter Gourd Juice Reduces Inflammation:

Bitter gourd or karela is rich source of vitamin-K. It has anti inflammatory properties and good for the patients of arthritis and gout.

  • Cut a bitter gourd (karela) in small pieces and grind in mixer to make paste.
  • Now, apply this paste on the affected area to control inflammation.
  • It removes swelling completely.

Bitter gourd paste is also useful for removing throat swelling.

  • Apply the paste on your neck and cover it with cotton cloth for some time.
  • It removes throat swelling completely.
  • If necessary, you can repeat it again, there is no harmful effects of this natural remedy.

7. Good for Deworming:

Asafoetida or HeengKarela juice kills stomach worms and acts as a deworming medicine. Take a little amount of bitter gourd juice with a pinch of asfoetida (heeng) for deworming.

8. Karela Juice for Obesity:

Bitter gourd is very low in calories and high in fibre, therefore helps in controlling weight. It stimulates liver for secretion of bile juices which are essential for metabolism. Take 10-20 ml bitter gourd or karela juice daily to control weight and get rid of obesity (motapa).

9. Good for Skin Diseases:

Bitter gourd is also effective as natural medicine of treating skin diseases (twacha rog) or skin infections like eczema and psoriasis. Take 10-15 ml fresh juice of karela or bitter melon daily to cure skin infections till required.

10. Removes Kidney stones:

Bitter gourd (karela) juice is also effective to remove kidney stones, though there is not any scientific proof. Take 10-15 ml of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach for few days. It helps to break the stone in small pieces and remove through urine.

11. Good for Eyesight:

Bitter gourd is a healthy food for our body as well as eyes. It is an excellent source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, A, folic acid, zinc, manganese and many more nutrients. Karela is high in beta-carotene that helps to prevent vision related complications such as eye infection, cataract etc and also improves eyesight.

12. Treats Piles:

Karela or bitter gourd helps to reduce piles (bawasir) too. Bitter gourd contains lots of fiber that makes the stool softer and relieve constipation. Constipation is the main cause of piles or haemorrhoids and high dietary fiber of bitter gourd helps to regulate it. Take juice of bitter gourd leaves daily in the morning for treating piles.

  • For extracting juice, collect few leaves of karela plant and wash with water.
  • Crush or grind these leaves of bitter gourd and extract the juice with the help of a thin cotton cloth.
  • Mix 2-3 tsp of this juice in a glassful of buttermilk and drink in the morning on an empty stomach for one month.
  • Drinking karela juice in a limited quantity is not harmful at all, though there is not any scientific evidence of it.


  • Do not take the massive dosage of karela juice for a long time, it may be harmful.
  • Excess intake of its juice may cause acidity or gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Better to use it for maximum period of 4 weeks.
  • Always drink fresh juice of bitter gourd; don’t use market available juice as that may contain preservatives which are not good for health.



Bitter gourd (karela) juice is beneficial for health, but in a little amount. Excessive use of bitter gourd juice or bitter melon juice may cause nausea, abdominal pain, acidity or hypoglycemia (if you are not diabetic), so take precaution. Pregnant ladies should not take this juice because it may harmful for fetus.

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