12 Natural Remedies for Deworming Kids

Deworming Kids:

Deworming kids is giving of an anthelmintic drug or dewormer to a child to get rid of parasitic worm. This worm infection is most common problem especially among kids. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 870 million children are at risk of parasitic worm infection. Deworming kids

Stomach worms are parasites that reside in the gastrointestinal tract of the body. These worms are of three types– Tape worms, Hook worms and Round worms. These worms can do a lot of damage to our body and may cause different health problems.

Causes & Symptoms of Worms in Kids:

In fact, the main cause of intestinal worms in kids (pet ke keede) is exposure to soil or surfaces. Even after the best hygiene and preventive measures, kids get infected while walking or playing around. Other causes may undercooked contaminated food, impure drinking water, contaminated swimming pool water, poor sanitation and personal hygiene. Once these worms enter in the body of the kid, they will grow and lay more eggs. These worms can affect your child’s health. Ultimately, they may cause vomiting and stomach-ache; it can even stop the growth of the kid.

Visible symptoms of worm infection in kids are sore tummy, irritable behaviour, loss of appetite, itching and pain around anus, restlessness, sleeplessness, weight loss, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. Actually, this worm infection does not show any symptoms in the beginning; it develops gradually, so it is difficult to speculate. Therefore, doctors recommend deworming of kids every six month after the age of one year.

If you go to doctor for the problem of parasitic worms, doctor prescribed some drugs for deworming kids. But these drugs kill the adult worms, do not kill the eggs and may have some side effects also. Therefore, it is better to apply some other remedies which are effective and have no side effects. 

Natural Remedies for Deworming Kids:

1. Carom Seeds for Deworming:

Carom (ajwain) has antiseptic, anti-bacterial and antispasmodic properties. (1) Its powder is very good to remove worms; you can use it in two different ways

a. Ajwain with Jaggery:

Simply, grind some carom seeds to make fine powder and mix thoroughly with some jaggery (gur). Then make small balls (1-2 gm each) from this mixture. Now, ingest 1 ball with water thrice in a day only.

b. Ajwain with Buttermilk:

After grinding the carom seeds, give ½ gm powder with buttermilk for deworming of kids. For adults deworming, use 2 gm powder with one cup buttermilk regularly for 4-5 days. Repeat it after 6 months again.

2. Ripe Tomato for Deworming:

Tomatoes are also good for deworming. Hence, give 1-2 deshi tomato (with a pinch of rock salt and black pepper) to your child to eat on an empty stomach for few days; it kills stomach worms completely without any side effect. Please ensure that he should not eat anything up to two hours after eating tomatoes. You can apply this remedy for above 3 years of age children for 1-2 weeks.

3. Radish Juice for Deworming:

Radish (mooli) juice is effective in the treatment of deworming of kids. Simply, extract the juice of radish with the help of juicer or by grating the radish. Then, give 10 gm radish juice daily  it to your child for three days; it removes worms through stool.

4. Curd for Deworming:

Curd (dahi), a dairy product, is a good anti-parasitic; it removes intestinal parasites naturally through excretion without any medicine. Therefore, if your kid has a problem of intestinal parasites, give some curd to eat with roasted cumin seeds (jeera) and black salt (kala namak). It is better to simply include curd in your kid’s daily diet.

5. Amla Juice for Deworming Kids:

Indian gooseberry (amla) is an amazing fruit that has lots of health benefits. Simply, grate or grind 2-3 amla and extract the juice with the help of a thin cloth. Then, give 5 gm fresh juice of amla with some honey on an empty stomach for deworming. Repeat it regularly for seven days. Indian gooseberry juice destroys the worms and removes through excretion; you can give it to the kids of 2 years and above. Adults can also use this remedy for deworming but the dose will be 25-30 gm amla juice.

6. Neem Leaves for Deworming Kids:

Neem leaves are very good for deworming of  kids. To prepare this natural medicine, grind one cup of tender neem leaves at first. Then, add carom seeds and rock salt powder (1 teaspoon each) with a pinch of dry ginger powder in the paste of neem leaves. After mixing well, make small balls (1 gm each) of this paste and dry it completely in sunlight. Finally, swallow 3 pills with water on an empty stomach. Repeat it again after three months. Adults can also use it.

Though neem pills are bitter in taste but most effective for deworming of kids. It was in use from the time of our ancestors but the children below 3-4 years can’t swallow it.

7. Harshringar Tree Leaves:

Juice of night jasmine or harshringar tree leaves also have the properties of destroying the parasitic worms (pet ke keede).

Simply, crush 1 leaf of harshringar and extract its juice (by using a thin cloth). Now, you can give it to drink after mixing some honey and a pinch of rock salt. You have to drink its juice on an empty stomach for 2 days.

8. Garlic for Deworming:

Garlic (lahsun) has a content called ‘allicin’ which has medicinal value. It is an anti-parasitic food, that’s why used to kill any type of stomach worms.

Eating 3 garlic cloves on an empty stomach for 6-7 days is a simple way to kill parasitic worms. If small kids can’t eat it directly, grind it and mix some honey and then give it to your child. You can also give it your child by boiling with milk (two crushed garlic cloves with half cup of milk).

9. Coconut for Deworming of Kids:

Coconut also has very strong anti- parasitic properties. Simply, give a small piece of coconut (nariyal) to your child to eat on an empty stomach for a week; it is good in taste and even the child would like to eat it.

You can also use decoction of coconut. Simply, take a fresh coconut and grate it finely. Then, boil it with some milk and give it to your child lukewarm to drink. You can even mix some boiled milk directly in grated coconut and give this decoction four times in a day to your kid.

10. Carrot – a Natural Dewormer:

Carrot or gajar is not only good to treat thread worms but also used for deworming of other parasites too. Simply, grate 1-2 carrots after peeling and give a small cup of it to eat every day morning for deworming of kids. Don’t add anything in grated carrots. Adults can also use it.

11. Tulsi Leaves for Deworming:

Basil (tulsi) leaves are known for its medicinal properties. You can use it as natural medicine for deworming of kids.

  • At first, crush some (15-20) leaves of basil after cleaning with water properly.
  • Then, extract the juice with the help of sieve by pressing with finger tips.
  • Now, give 1 teaspoon of basil juice to your child for deworming.
  • You may give the seeds (manjari) of tulsi with water directly as an alternate of basil juice.
  • Or only give some leaves of basil (tulsi) to your kid to chew on an empty stomach.

 12. Papaya Leaves for Deworming:

Papaya (papita) leaves are useful to destroy intestinal worms (aanto ke keede). You have to prepare its decoction for deworming. At first, put 200 ml of water in a pan and add some (15-20 gm) dried papaya leaves in it. Then boil this water till it reduces to half. Now, put it off from the flame and let the decoction (kadha) to be cool. After that, mix some honey and give it to drink to your kid. Repeat the same for 3 days.

13. Milk of Unripe Papaya:

For deworming of kids, take 3-5 tbsp of milk from the unripe papaya and 1 tbsp of honey. Mix 5 tbsp of boiled water in it and give it to your child for deworming.

14. Turmeric for Deworming Kids:

Turmeric or haldi is a natural anti-septic and anti-bacterial spice; it is too good to remove out intestinal worms without medicine. Mix 1/4th – 1 tsp of turmeric (according to the age of the child) into lukewarm water and give it to your child on an empty stomach. You can use raw turmeric in place of turmeric powder if available. Simply crush a small piece of the raw turmeric and mix it with jaggery; then give it to your child to eat.

15. Onion Juice for Removing Worms:

Onion juice can clear the thread worms in the kids. Extract the juice of onion by grinding it well into mixer-grinder. Give 1-2 spoon of onion juice to your kid with honey in the morning on an empty stomach.

Another way of extracting onion juice is to cut onion and leave it in a cup of water overnight. Next day morning, take out the onion and squeeze it into the cup; then give it to your child to drink. Continue to give the juice for 4-5 days regularly.

This remedy is also helpful to clear threadworms in adults too; give them juice of one or two onion on an empty stomach.

16. Drum Stick Seeds for Deworming:

Drum stick (Moringa) seeds have many medicinal properties. By consuming two grams of drumstick seeds powder with the cold water, intestinal worms will be killed and removed out without any medicine.

17. Bitter Gourd Juice:

Bitter gourd (karela) juice helps to clear intestinal worms. Though it is not easy to ingest it to a child, because of its bitter taste, but you can give it with honey. Anyway, this home remedy is extremely effective and works for adults too.

18. Banana with Lemon Juice:

To remove intestinal worms, mash a piece of ripe banana and mix 1 tsp of lemon juice in it; then give it to your child. Properties of banana and lemon juice help to kill the worms.

19. Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate (anar) juice is good for deworming of kids. Therefore, give 2-3 tbsp to half cup (according to age of the child) of pomegranate juice to your child daily. It can also be effective in case of adults; drink 1-2 glass of pomegranate juice daily. This helps to cleanse your intestines and removes parasites.

20. Pumpkin Seeds for Deworming:

Pumpkin (kaddu) seeds contain a compound- cucurbitacins- and some other worm killing properties that help to paralyze the worms in the body and stop their growth. Therefore, eat 8-10 pumpkin seeds in a day for a week to kill worms of intestine.

Or you can make decoction (kadha) of pumpkin seeds by boiling 2 spoon seeds into 2 cups of water. Let it to be cool and consume once daily for a week.

Tips and Caution:

Though all the above said ingredients are safe but you should not completely rely on home remedies. If your symptoms are severe or your kid is not getting comfort, then you should see your doctor.

All the above ingredients required for deworming natural remedy like- carom seeds, coconut, basil leaves, Neem leaves, radish, tomato, or curd etc.- are available in each and every house and its surroundings.