13 Natural Remedies for Common Cold

cold or sardi jukamCold or Sardi Jukam:

Cold is a common health problem which is almost always accompanied with cough (khansi). It is very irritating condition that takes it own time to be cured (3-5 days) whether you have taken medicine or not. As far as cold (sardi jukam) is concerned, allopathic medicines generally suppress the symptoms, not cure the problem. There are some simple natural remedies which are most effective in controlling cold and cough. So it is better to treat it yourself by applying these natural remedies which cure root of the problem by way of clearing your stuffy nose and soothing your sore throat.

Natural Remedies for Cold:

1. Ginger Juice & Honey:

ginger juice and honey for cold and coughGinger (adrak) is most effective natural remedy of cold. To make ginger juice, grate a small piece of ginger with the help of grater and extract juice. Add 1 tea spoon of honey (shahad) in ½ tea spoon of ginger juice and ingest it 3- 4 times a day.

Even ginger (adrak) tea is also effective in cold. Add some basil leaves (tulsi patti) and black pepper (kali mirch) in ginger tea. This natural remedy is clear your nose blockage and throat congestion by removing mucus (balgam).

2. Inhaling Steam for Cold:

Inhaling steam (bhap lena) is most effective in clearing nose blockage. For steam, electric vaporizer is available in market by which you can take steam easily. If you have not vaporizer, boil some water in a pot and hold your head over the pot of boiling water by covering with a towel and breathe slowly through your nose. The steam can keep your nose and throat from being too dry; it also helps to ease your breathing and to lose mucus (balgam).

3. Badam Rogan for Cold:

Badam Rogan (almond oil)Badam Rogan (almond oil) is a simple and effective natural remedy to control cold. Pour 2 drops of Badam Rogan in your both nostrils twice a day; it can help to break up the congestion in your nose. Badam Rogan (almond oil) is available with every chemist shop, grocery shop or super market.

4. Carom Seeds (Ajwain) to cure Cold:

Carom seed or ajwain works like a medicine in cold and cough. Simply, put 5 gm thyme seeds (ajwain) in a clean soft piece of cloth and make a knot on it. Keep this swag up to your nostrils and breathe deeply (inhale the smell of ajwain ). It will help to remove the congestion of your nose quickly. It is a very simple but very effective natural remedy to clear your nose blockage, only need is to follow it and keep faith in it.

Ajwain for coldCarom Seeds Decoction (Ajwain-ka-Kadha):

Carom seeds (ajwain) kadha not only helps to clear cold and cough but throat congestion also. To make ajwain kadha- boil two cup water in a pan with one tea spoon thyme seeds (ajwain) and 2 spoons sugar for ten minutes and consume this water thrice a day by dividing in equal three dosages. Please remember you have not to boil the water till it remains half; only boil it thoroughly so that water will absorb the ‘ark’ (juice) of carom seeds or ajwain.

5. Gargle with Salt water:

Gargle with a mixture of rock salt (sendha namak) or tea leaves (chai patti) to clear up a sore throat. It is a simple natural remedy that is advised even by the doctor with medicine. But here you need not to have any medicine, only adopt some natural home remedies and gargle with lukewarm water.

Put ¼ tea spoon tea leaves into a mug and add some boil water in it and cover it for 5 minutes. Then remove the tea leafs and gargle.

Similarly, put a pinch of rock salt (sendha namak) in warm water and gargle 3-4 times a day. It helps to cure cold and cough naturally.

6. Basil (Tulsi) Leaves Decoction:

Basil leaves (tulsi) kadha is an effective and traditional home remedy for cold and cough (khansi) which cures cold within 2 days.


Basil leaves                                                         11 leaves

Black Pepper                                                       7 crushed corns

Ginger (crushed)                                                 5 gm

  • Boil 200 gm water in a pan with all the three ingredients for 8-10 minutes.
  • Sieve the kadha into a cup and drink it hot.
  • It is better to lie down on bed for some time after drinking Tulsi kadha and cover your whole body with comforter.
  • You will get relief immediately from cold, cough, light fever and bronchitis, but repeat it for 2 to 3 days.
  • This home remedy can also be used for children but the quantity will be half.
  • For children, add some sugar and milk in basil leaves (tulsi) decoction. (Basil leaves remain available almost in every Indian house or neighborhood. Black pepper can be purchased from grocery shop or spices section of super market.)

7. Suhaga (Borax) to Cure Cold (Sardi- Jukam):

Suhaga (Borax) to Cure ColdIf you are suffering from severe cold and keeps on sneezing, there is an effective home remedy to cure it permanently. Take 20 gm Suhaga or Borax from any grocery shop and then convert this into roasted form. For roasting, heat Suhaga in iron made frying pan till it melts and converts into bloated form; let it to be cool and then grind it to make fine powder. Keep into an air tight jar and take half gm. Suhaga or borax powder thrice a day with lukewarm water for three to five days. It cures allergic cold and sneezing permanently. It is a self applied deshi formula. You can apply this remedy over children also but the dose of suhaga will be half. Suhaga or borax can be purchased from grocery shop in the market.

8. Mustard Oil & Cow’s Ghee:

Put 2 drops mustard oil (sarson ka tel) or cow’s ghee in your both nostrils with your finger tip at night and smell it deeply; it is a simple home remedy to clear nose blockage (band naak) due to cold (sardi- jaukam).

9. Milk and Turmeric for Cold:

Milk with Turmeric for ColdHot Milk (doodh) with some turmeric (haldi) powder is a popular and effective home remedy to fight with cold & cough (sardi khansi) that has been used since ancient era. Drink one glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric powder at night before going to sleep. This is a safe natural remedy and can also be applied on children with a little dosage.

10. Lemon, cinnamon and Honey for Cold:

Lemon, cinnamon and Honey for ColdCinnamon (dalchini) can also cure cold and cough. Cinnamon is a type of spice that can be bought from any grocery shop or super market.


Cinnamon powder                       a pinch Dalchini

Honey                                         2 spoons Shahad

Lemon juice                               ½ lemon Nimbu ras

Boil half cup of water and add all the above ingredients- honey, cinnamon and lemon drops in it. Drink it lukewarm. It is an effective home remedy for controlling cold and even cough without medicine. Cinnamon and honey can be bought from grocery shop and lemon from vegetable market.

11. Flax Seeds for Treating Cold:

lemon honey and flax seeds for coldFlax seed or alsi is an important ingredient that can cure even lungs congestion naturally by way of loosening the thicken mucus (balgam). It can be purchased from grocery shop or super market.


Flax Seeds                                   1 table spoon Alsi

Lemon juice                              few drops Nimbu ras

Honey                                        1 tbsp Shahad

Boil one table spoon flax seeds (alsi) in one cup water until it thickens; then sieve it and remove the flax seeds. Add few drops of lemon or lime juice and honey and drink it twice a day. This home remedy helps to cure cold and loosen mucus.

12. Betel Leaf for Cold and Cough:

Betel Leaf for ColdBetel leaf (Pan ka patta) is an old natural remedy of curing cold and cough (sardi khansi) without medicine. Use of 2 tea spoon betel leaves juice with honey and cinnamon (dalchini) cures cough naturally.


Betel leaf                                                 3-4 (Pan ke Patte)

Cinnamon powder                                 a pinch (Dalchini)

Honey                                                    1 spoon (Shahad)

Take 3-4 betel leaves and crush them thoroughly to extract juice. Now mix 1 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon in 2 spoons of this juice and consume it after meal (lunch and dinner).

Betel leaves can be purchased from Panwala’s shop; likewise cinnamon and honey are also available for sale in grocery shop or spices section of any super market.

13. Ginger, Ghee & old Jaggery:

jaggery and ginger for cold and coughTo control cold & cough, try remedy of ginger and jaggery with ghee. Simply, cook some grated ginger (adrak) and old jaggery (Gur) with ghee on heat and ingest it.

14. Terminalia chebula or Harad for Cold:

Harad is an amazing herb that cures cold and cough effectively.

  • Take 20 gm of black chebulic myrobalan or harad and roast them on heat (tava) slightly.
  • Grind it to make fine powder and keep it into a jar.
  • Now, ingest 1/2 tsp of harad powder with honey two times in a day after meals.
  • You can repeat it for 2-3 days or as per requirement. It is a safe herb that can be given to kids also.


All the above home remedies are quite safe and has no side effect; ingredients used in these remedies are part of our day to day life. But if it does not suit you or you are allergic to any ingredient, don’t apply it.

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