15 Natural Remedies of Gastric Problem

Gastric Problem:

Gastric problem is a kind of health condition which is occurred due to the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Actually, in the stomach there is a slight balance between acid and the wall lining which is protected by mucus. When this mucus lining is disrupted for some reason, it results in gastric problem. In short, gastric problem is a very common problem nowadays; people are always eager to find the solution to control it without medicine.

Gastric problemSymptoms:

First and foremost symptom of gastric problem is excessive abdominal gas and discomfort. Another common cause is upper abdominal pain. Some other symptoms are flatulence, a white tongue or a coating on the tongue, bad breath, lack of appetite, acidity, bloating, belching and even stomach pain.


There are many causes of gastric problem. One of the most common causes of chronic stomach problems is use of medications. Some drugs like- pain killers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs etc.- have many side effects. These medicines not only can damage lining of the stomach but even can cause ulcers. Another major cause of abdominal gas is eating unhealthy food. Some foods are also responsible for excessive gas, so avoid eating of these foods. Though each food affects different people differently, there are some food that may generally cause gastric problem, such as- milk and dairy products, fatty or greasy food, beans, peas, oat bran, carrot, potatoes, corn, celery, noodles, pasta etc.

Other causes of gastric problem are indigestion, constipation, intestinal infection, stress, stones or inflammation in gallbladder, some chronic diseases, pregnancy, use of alcohol, tobacco and smoking.


Gastric problem is not a serious disease and you can control it by changing your dietary habits. By eating a healthy diet, proper exercise and avoidance of stress, excess use of alcohol and tobacco, you can control gas problem. However, some simple natural remedies are also there which are quite effective to control this common health problem. These remedies are quite safe also because the ingredients used in these remedies are part of everyone’s day to day life.

Home Remedies of Gastric Problem:

1. Piper Longum Root:

Piper longum root (piparamul or ganthoda) is an herb that is commonly used in various Ayurvedic medicines. It is typically used in powder form (normally with honey) and is good to cure gastric problems.

Make powder of piper longum root and store into an airtight jar. Ingest 1 tsp of this powder mixing with a glass of hot milk at night. You can also take it with water whenever you have gastric problem or flatulence. You will get relief from gases within few minutes.

2. Cumin Seeds for Gastric Problem:

Whenever you feel gastric problem, take 1 tsp cumin seeds and chew it thoroughly. After ten minutes, drink water; it is an amazing home remedy for gas and acidity. Cumin seeds remain available in every kitchen.

3. Carom Seeds for Gas:

To cure gastric problem, indigestion and flatulence, try this remedy-

Carom seeds                                       25 gm (Ajwain)

Dry ginger                                          25 gm (Sonth)

Black salt                                           25 gm (Kala Namak)

Black cumin seeds                             25 gm (Kala Jeera)

White cumin seeds                             25 gm (Safed Jeera)

Piper longum                                     25 gm (Pippali)

Asafoetida                                         25 gm (Heeng)

Take all the above ingredients in equal quantity (25 gm) and roast them with a little amount of ghee. Then grind all the ingredients in mixer to make fine powder and store into an airtight jar. Ingest 1 to 1.5 gm of powder with lukewarm water after the meal daily for some time regularly and then reduce the use of it and take whenever you need.

4. Ginger for Gastric Problem:

Ginger or ‘adrak’ is good for any type of digestive disorders. It is used in various Ayurvedic medicines of stomach related diseases.

Take 10 gm fresh Ginger; peel it and chop it. Mix one pinch of rock salt and eat before half an hour of every lunch and dinner. With a regular use of 8 – 10 days, your digestion and appetite will be improved; it gives relief from gastric problem, flatulence (afara) and indigestion. Ginger is harmless and can be used regularly for a long time. It releases stomach gas naturally and also controls gas formation.

5. Ginger and Mint Leaves:

To get relief in gastric problem, you can try ginger juice with mint leaves juice –

  • Firstly, take one spoon of ginger juice & one spoon mint leaves juice (pudina patti).
  • To extract the juice of ginger, crush or grate a piece of ginger after peeling and cleaning with water.
  • Then, sieve it or simply press with finger tips to extract the juice.
  • Likewise, mint leaves juice can also be extracted by crushing and sieving.
  • Then add a pinch of rock salt (sendha namak) in the juice and ingest it.
  • It cures gastric problem and stomach-ache within minutes.

 6. Chebulic Myrobalan or Harad:

Chebulic Myrobalan or terminalia chebula is good for gastric problem. Whenever you feel gases, take one piece of harad and keep it in your mouth. Let it to be swallowing and when it became soft, either eat it or remove.

Another way of taking harad is by soaking into water. Soak a piece of chhoti harad into water for some time and chew it after meal.

7. Carom Seeds & Black salt:

Carom seed is very good for gastric problem, flatulence (afara) and stomachache.


Carom seeds                                                50 gm (Ajwain)

Black salt powder                                        10 gm (Kala Namak)

Asafoetida                                                     2 gm (Heeng)

At first, roast asafoetida slightly on heat and grind carom seeds and asafoetida separately to make fine powder. After that, mix both the ingredients with black salt powder properly and keep it into an airtight jar. Take 2 gm of this powder with lukewarm water after meals daily for 2 – 4 weeks. After that you can take the powder whenever you need it.

8. Papaya for Gastric Problem:

Papaya (papita) is an amazing fruit not only to treat gastric problem but also to treat digestion and flatulence. Because of its important nutrients (especially its main enzyme- ‘Papain’), papaya helps in digesting food and preventing gastric problem. As a matter of fact, eating one bowl of ripe papaya fruit daily in breakfast or afternoon makes your stomach healthy.

9. Fennel seeds (Saunf):

To control gastric problem, you can take fennel seeds (saunf) as a decoction (2-3 cups daily). For making decoction of fennel seeds, firstly boil a glass of water and then add half teaspoon of fennel seeds in it. Again boil it for 5 minutes while keeping the pot covered. Let it to be cool and then sip the decoction lukewarm after sieving. You can also add 2-3 drops of Amritdhara for getting quick relief from gas.

If you have gastric problem frequently, it is better to make habit of eating a small quantity of fennel seeds after every meal daily; it starts working very quickly and controls gas and flatulence (afara).

10. Carrot Juice and Honey:

Carrot (gajar) is a nutritious vegetable that contains a large amount of beta-carotene, vitamins and potassium. In fact, carminative nature of carrot juice helps in eliminating the gas.

If you are suffering from abdominal gas, take one cup of carrot juice and mix 2 spoons honey in it. And then drink it to get relief from abdominal gas.

11. Cinnamon Oil for Gastric Problem:

Cinnamon oil is a natural medicine of controlling gas. Whenever you feel gases, take 4-5 drops of cinnamon oil with batasha or sugar. You can also use cinnamon powder (one spoon) in place of cinnamon oil with honey (one spoon).

12. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seed (methi dana) is a powerful medicinal herb that is good for all type of stomach disorders. If you have gas formation frequently, use fenugreek seeds with salt daily. It not only releases abdominal gas but also controls gas formation.

Firstly, take 100 gm of fenugreek seeds; roast 50 gm seeds on heat and mix another 50 gm as it is (without roasting). Now, grind all the seeds and mix 25 gm rock salt powder in fenugreek seeds. Store it into a jar and take 2-5 gm with lukewarm water twice a day (morning and evening).

13. Radish Juice:

Radish has lots of health benefits; it is also good for controlling gastric problem. Take 100 ml radish juice with a pinch of asafoetida (heeng) and a pinch of black pepper powder daily.

14. Coriander Seeds:

To get rid from abdominal gas, boil 10 gm of dry coriander (dhania) powder into a cup of water. And then drink it after sieving.

15. Small Remedies for Gastric Problem:

a. Chew a green cardamom (chhoti elaichi) and a clove (laung) after meal daily to prevent gastric trouble.

b. Guava (amrood) is good for digestion; eat one guava with salt daily after meal to prevent gas and acidity.

c. Regular eating of a small piece of jaggery or gur after meal controls gas formation.

d. Fenugreek (fresh methi) leaves are good for controlling gas.

e.  If you are feeling gastric problem, take 2 gm turmeric powder and a pinch of black salt mixing with a glass of water.

f.  Raw potato juice can also control gas. Whenever you need, grate a potato after washing with water. And then extract the juice to ingest.


All the above said ingredients are part of every kitchen. Clove, green cardamom, fenugreek seeds, chebulic myrobalan or chhoti harad, fennel seeds (saunf), black salt (kala namak) and dry ginger powder, cinnamon powder and jaggery remain available for sale in grocery shops or any super market. You can purchase carrot, radish, potato, guava and papaya from vegetable/fruit market.

These remedies are simple and safe but the effects may vary person to person. So, if it does not suit you, stop it and consult your doctor.