19 Health Benefits of Mishri or Rock Sugar

mishri, candy sugar, rock sugarMishri (candy sugar or rock sugar) is a unrefined form of sugar. It has its origin in India and Persia and is made from crystallized and flavoured sugar. Mishri is a type of confectionery mineral which is edible and tasty as well. It is basically of two types- non-crystalline candy and crystalline candy. Candy sugar is famous for its medicinal uses to cure various health problems from centuries.

Misri (candy sugar or rock sugar) is made from the solution of sugarcane (ganna) and the sap of Palmyra palm tree (Taad ka ped). It is made by pouring the solution of sugarcane into drums where threads are already placed and the solution is allowed to dry around the threads. Crystals were grown as a result of cooling supersaturated sugar solutions.

Tal Mishri & Its Properties:

Palm Sugar, Tal MishriMishri is also made from the sap of the Palmyra palm, the date palm or the date palm sugar. It is famous by the name of ‘Tal Mishri’. For producing palm sugar, firstly, sap of the inflorescences of the palm tree is collected by tapping; then the sap is boiled until it thickens. Now, the syrup is allowed to crystallize into various shapes and sizes. This Tal mishri is very good to cure kidney ailments.

Palm JaggeryPalmyra Palm Sugar which is found in the form of Tal mishri, is very rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. An important vitamin- Vitamin B12, which is mostly found in non-vegetarian diet, is found in this rare plant of Palmyra palm. Known for its 24 natural nutrients, Palm sugar is an essential part of many Ayurvedic medicines and traditional remedies. It is good to treat many health problems naturally such as- kidney ailment, high blood pressure, cold cough, breathing problem, anaemia, asthma etc. Palm sugar helps to strengthen teeth, bones and heart, therefore good for arthritis, respiratory diseases, diabetes and other problems.

Health Benefits of Mishri or Rock Sugar:

1. Useful in Cough (Khansi):

Mishri has been used in various Ayurvedic medicines and proved to be effective against cough. It clears cough and soothes the oral cavity. It also loosens up mucus and provides quick relief. Take a medium sized piece of mishri (rock sugar) and keep it in your mouth and swallow its juice (do not chew it). It helps in soothing your throat and loosening the mucus. Because of its sweet taste, it can be used for any age group either it is kid or older people.

2. Good Brain Tonic:

Walnut with shellMishri or sugar candy is also used as supportive natural medicine for brain tonic with walnuts (akhrot). It helps to improve memory and release mental fatigue. Take 10 gm of walnuts and fry it into ghee. Then mix it with 10 gm of sugar candy (rock sugar) and eat with a glass of hot milk before going to bed.

3. Improves Vision (Eyesight):

Mishri with almonds (badam), fennel seeds (saunf) and black pepper (kali mirch) is beneficial to improve vision of eyes.

Almonds                            100 gm

Mishri                                 100 gm

Fennel Seeds                      50 gm

Black Pepper                       25 gm

Collect all the above ingredients and grind altogether to make powder. Keep the powder into a jar and ingest 1 tbsp of this powder with milk at night. Avoid drinking water after this. This is a very good home remedy for improving vision (eyesight), increasing memory and treating headache.

4. Good for Cold and Throat Infection:

Mishri is a best supportive natural medicine for prevention of cold, cough and sore throat. Use it with almonds and black pepper (For details, refer ‘Remedies for sore throat‘). It also releases excess nasal mucus.

For sore throat, mix mishri with some black pepper powder and ghee (clarified butter) and make paste (1 tsp) and eat it at night. This is good for throat problem.

5. Treats Impotency (Napunsakta):

kesar or saffronMixture of walnuts (akhrot), mishri and saffron (kesar) with milk is effective in treating impotency (napunsakta).

Walnuts                              15 gm

Sugar Candy                      15 gm

Saffron                               a pinch

  • Lady Finger PlantMake powder of walnuts and mishri (sugar candy or rock sugar).
  • Take a glass of hot milk and mix the powder in it.
  • Add a pinch of saffron in it and drink at night before going to bed.

Another natural remedy for improving libido is a use of mishri with roots of lady-finger (bhindi). Simply, grind a small piece of the root of lady-finger, mix equal amount of mishri powder and ingest.

6. Removes Kidney Stone:

Mishri is a supportive natural remedy of removing kidney stone. If you have stone in your kidney, mix some mishri in onion juice (2 spoons) and take regularly for some days. It breaks the stone into small pieces and remove through urine.

7. Stomach-ache:

Mishri also helps to cure stomach-ache (pet dard) with neem leaves. Simply, take 10-12 tender neem(Azadirachta indica) leaves and 10 gm mishri and ingest it, stomach-ache will be vanished within few minutes.

8. Breathing Problem:

Mishri is helpful in breathing problem with black pepper (kali mirch) and milk cream (malai). If you have breathing problem, take 2 spoon of milk cream or malai, add a pinch of black pepper and some sugar candy (rock sugar) powder in it and ingest it before going to bed at night.

9. Useful for Lactating Mothers:

kale Til or Black Sesame SeedsMishri with black sesame seeds is helpful for improving milk in lactating mothers. Firstly, grind equal amount of black sesame seeds (kale til) and mishri and mix well. And then, give 1 tbsp of this powder with hot milk twice a day to lactating mother.

10. Controls Bad Breath:

Mishri is mixed with fennel seeds (saunf) and used as mouth freshener daily to control bad breath.

11. Cures Mouth Ulcers (Chhale):

Elaichi or CardamomMishri or misri is good to cure mouth ulcers (chhale). Whenever you have mouth ulcers, simply follow this home remedy.

  • Firstly, take green cardamom (chhoti elaichi) and mishri in equal amount.
  • Grind both the ingredients and make paste with little water. Apply this paste on the affected area (ulcers) 3-4 times in a day.
  • You will get quick relief from mouth ulcers. Even you can apply it on small children.

12. Nose Bleeding (Naksir):

Lotus FlowerSome people face problem of nose bleeding (naksir) usually during summers; mishri is a good home remedy to control this nose bleeding. Whenever you face this problem, simply put some rock sugar (mishri) powder near your nostrils and inhale its smell.

But if you usually face this nose bleeding problem (naksir), take mishri with dry lotus flower leaves.

  • At first, take equal quantity of dry lotus flower and mishri.
  • Grind them separately and mix well.
  • Take 1 tsp of this powder daily in the morning with hot milk.
  • You will get results within a week; if required, continue this remedy for 15 days.

13. Controls Headache:

Many people generally face the problem of headache due to poor vision; mishri (rock sugar or sugar candy) helps to control this headache naturally. Whenever you have headache, take 1 tsp of rock sugar powder, 1 tsp fennel seeds (saunf) powder and a pinch of green cardamom (chhoti elaichi) powder and then ingest it with a glass of hot milk twice a day.

If you have headache due to sinus, chew rock sugar with basil leaves (5-7 Tulsi patti) and black pepper corns (2-3 kali mirch).

Alternatively, you can also get rid of headache due to sinus or cold by ingesting rock sugar powder with 1 tbsp of ginger (adrak) juice.

14. Cures Hoarseness of Voice:

Sonth or dry gingerMishri (rock sugar or sugar candy) is very effective to cure hoarseness of voice. Whenever you have dry, hoarse throat and loss of voice, apply this home remedy to get relief.

  • Take dry ginger (sonth) powder and rock sugar powder in equal quantity.
  • Add some drops of honey (shahad) to make paste.
  • Then mix all the three ingredients and make small pills of this paste.
  • Now chew 1-1 pill 2-4 times a day; it soothes throat and clears voice.

15. Burning Eyes Problem:

Burning eyes problem is very common during summer; it generally occurs due to eye allergies or bacterial and viral eye infections.

  • Whenever you feel burning, itching and tiredness in your eyes, take 1 tsp mishri powder and a pinch (chutki) of black pepper (kali mirch) powder.
  • Add 1 spoon cow’s milk ghee in it and mix well.
  • Repeat it every morning and evening for 7-10 days regularly.

16. Cures Loose motion:

To cure loose motion, take mishri (rock sugar or candy sugar) with dry coriander (sukha dhania) powder.

  • Collect 10 gm rock sugar powder and 10 gm dry coriander powder.
  • Mix both the ingredients in 100 ml of water and consume.
  • Repeat it for 2-3 times in a day.
  • This natural home remedy is most effective when the loose motions start due to heat stroke.

17. Good for Weight Control:

Fennel Seeds or SaunfMishri with fennel seeds or dry coriander (sukha dhania) controls body weight. Take 50 gm candy sugar or rock sugar and 50 gm fennel seeds (moti saunf); grind them to make powder and mix well. Now take 1 tsp powder daily in the morning with lukewarm water.

Similarly, you can also use rock sugar with dry coriander powder in place of fennel seeds (saunf) powder; this combination also helps to control weight naturally.

18. Piles (Bawasir) Treatment:

Nag KesarMishri (rock sugar) is also effective in piles treatment. To cure piles-

  • Firstly take candy sugar, butter (makhan) and nag kesar in equal quantity.
  • Grind nag kesar and mishri to make fine powder one by one.
  • Then mix all the three ingredients properly.
  • Now, ingest 1 tsp of this mixture twice a day (morning and evening) with hot milk.

19. Good for Neck Pain:

Khus khus or Poppy seedsIf you usually have pain in your neck (gardan me dard), eat mishri with poppy seeds (khus khus).

  • Take equal amount of rock sugar and poppy seeds and grind them separately to make powder.
  • Mix both the ingredients and keep into a jar.
  • Now, ingest 5 gm of this powder with hot milk before going to sleep at night; you will get relief in your neck pain definitely.


All the above combination used with rock sugar are harmless but results may vary person to person. Some people may be allergic to any ingredients; therefore if it does not suit you, don’t take. Likewise, diabetics should not take mishri (rock sugar) without consulting with doctor.

Required ingredients like black pepper, fennel seeds, nag kesar, coriander seeds, walnuts, black sesame seeds, almonds etc. can be purchased from any grocery shop or super market.

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