19 Natural Remedies for Headache

headache remediesHeadache:

Head is one of the most common sites of pain in human body. Actually, it is difficult to describe headache because sometimes it may affect one part of face or scull or may affect the whole head. The pain originates from the tissues and structures that surround the skull. This pain may be due to worry, tension, or annoyance. Many factors that affect the nervous system can produce a pain. These factors may be- infection of the ears, eyes, and nose, or damage to the brain and its blood vessels. This pain may also be due to the tension in muscles that results in a constriction of their nerves.

The headache (Sir ka dard) may arise spontaneously or it may be due to performing some activity or exercise. The pain either may be a mild, dull or intense, throbbing, intermittent or constant. Sometimes it may be acute onset or chronic.

Symptoms & Causes:

Headache may accompany many diseases and symptoms may vary accordingly. Some common symptoms of it may be sensation of pressure across fore head, or on the sides and backside of head, fever, neck pain, neck stiffness, vomiting, nausea, pain in the eyes, dizziness etc. But if the the pain is due to some serious type of health problem, the associated symptoms may be totally different such as- confusion, excessive sleepiness, difficulty in walking, speaking and other activity etc.

Headache (Sir ka dard) is one of the most common illnesses; it may be due to different reasons. Some common causes of headache are tension, stress, depression, fever, cold, sinusitis, and vision problem. Other causes may include injury to the brain, stroke, panic attacks, insomnia or disturbed sleep, excessive use of alcohol, excessive smoking, over sleeping, over use of pain killers, eye strain and neck strain.

People often use pain killers or over the counter medicines to control this pain. These pain killers are not good for health and have so many side effects. There are many natural remedies that can treat this headache (Sir ka dard) quickly and easily without pain killers. If the problem is not serious, you can treat it by applying some simple but effective home remedies.

Natural Remedies for Treating Headache:

1. Cow’s Ghee for Headache:

Cow's ghee for headacheIf you frequently have pain in your head, try cow’s ghee (Gai ka ghee) remedy. For this remedy, you have to take pure cow’s ghee. Simply, put 2-3 drops of cow’s ghee in your both nostrils for twice a day. Continue to apply it for seven days. This is a very effective traditional remedy that has no side effect. You can use it whenever you required. This is most effective in head pain due to respiratory problem like- sinusitis and migraine (aadha sisi ka dard).

2. Mustard Oil:

Mustard oil for headacheIf you have pain in your head (Sir ka dard) due to migraine (aadha sisi ka dard) or sinusitis, mustard oil is a wonderful remedy. Simply put 7-8 drops of mustard oil (Sarso ka tel) in your nostril. Mustard oil can work effectively even if you put it by finger tip in your nostrils or inhale the smell of mustard oil. This home remedy is in use from the time of our ancestors and showed excellent results.

3. Lavender Oil to Control Headache:

Lavender oil for headacheThe lavender oil has lots of health benefits. It has an ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. Therefore it is more effectively used in treating headache due to tension, blood pressure and cold. Take steam of lavender oil whenever you have pain in your head. Firstly, boil 2- 4 cup of water in a pan and put it off from heat. Then put 2-4 drops of lavender oil in the boiled water and inhale its smell. Cover your head with towel and take steam. Even you can smell it by taking 2-4 drops on a handkerchief. Put that handkerchief near nostrils and breathe deeply. If you often have ache due to migraine, try lavender oil remedy. It is too good to treat migraine naturally.

Another way of using lavender oil is to apply it externally on your temples. Simply rub few drops on sides (temples) of your forehead for 1-2 minutes; it will ease your headache. Lavender oil should be applied externally only; don’t ingest it.

4. Coriander Seeds for Headache:

coriander seeds for headacheCoriander seeds (dhania) also help to control headache. Firstly, boil 2-4 cup water in a pot and put 2- 3 spoons of coriander seeds (Sukha Dhania) in it. Now, inhale the steam of coriander seeds water by covering your head with cloth. You can eat coriander seeds in place of inhaling its smell (1 tsp twice a day).

5. Cinnamon or Dalchini:

cinnamon(dalchini) for headacheDalchini or cinnamon is a type of spice that has lots of health benefits. For treating migraine as well as pain due to cold, it works like a wonder. An easy way to try this remedy is to grind some cinnamon for making fine powder. Then take 1 tsp of cinnamon (dalchini) powder and make paste by adding little water. Now apply this paste on your forehead and let it to be dry. Then remove it and wash your face. It is an excellent home remedy of treating migraine.

Another way of using cinnamon (dalchini) is by way of making cinnamon tea. Simply add 1 spoon cinnamon while preparing tea and drink it. You can even use cinnamon with milk; stir 1 spoon cinnamon powder and honey (shahad) in a cup of hot milk and drink. You will get relief in few minutes.

6. Black Pepper & Pure ghee:

black pepper for headacheIf you are suffering from headache, try the remedy of black pepper (kali mirch) and ghee. Firstly take 6-7 black pepper seeds and grind them to make fine powder. Then mix the powder with 1 tbsp of pure ghee. Now ingest this paste with warm milk. It will cure migraine completely if you take it regularly for 2-3 months.

Another way of applying black pepper remedy is to make paste of black pepper seeds and dry ginger (sonth). Firstly, take 8-10 black pepper seeds and a small piece of dry ginger; grind them by adding little water and apply the paste on your forehead and temples. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then remove.

One more option of using black pepper seeds is to smell with salt. Simply take 8-10 black pepper seeds and crush them; mix some rock salt (Sendha namak) powder in it and tie into a cotton cloth to make swag. Now put this swag near nostrils and inhale the smell of black pepper deeply. This home remedy is more effective in the headache due to cold; it releases mucus and cures pain.

7. Lemon Water for Headache:

LemonLemon water for headache water (Nimbu Pani) cures headache (Sir ka dard) due to gas. If you have headache due to gas formation, take half lemon juice mixing with a glass of warm water. It gives quick relief from headache.

8. Peppermint to Cure Headache:

Peppermint to cure headachePeppermint has lots of health benefits. It is an herb that has a wide variety of medicinal uses. Peppermint oil has been used to cure headache since ancient era. To control headache (Sir ka dard) due to tension, rub peppermint oil onto the forehead and temples. Even you can take steam by adding 2-4 drops of peppermint oil in boiling water; it will ease your headache within minutes.

You can also use fresh peppermint leaves to prepare tea. Simply add some fresh peppermint leaves into a cup of boiling water and leave it after covering a lid for 10 minutes. Then drink the tea after straining and adding 1-2 spoon honey in it. It has also been found to be effective in the treatment of tension headache.

9. Ammonium Chloride:

Ammonium chloride is a type of white salt which is used in traditional medicines. If you have headache frequently, take equal amount of ammonium chloride and eating lime and mix well. Then store them into a jar. Smell this mixture whenever you feel headache.

10. Badam Rogan:

Badam rogan to cure headacheAlmond oil or ‘Badam Rogan’ is a good traditional natural medicine of headache. Whenever you have pain in your head, put 2-4 drops of Badam Rogan in your both nostrils, you will get relief within 15-20 minutes. Especially in case of headache due to cold, it shows wonderful results. It is easily available in market; you can purchase from super market or any medicine shop.

11. Clove or Laung:

Clove is a type of spice which has a wide range of medicinal uses. If you have pain in your head, especially due to tension, you can try clove (laung) remedy. There are multiple ways of using clove home remedy for headache (Sir ka dard).clove oil for headache

  • To get relief from head pain, gently grind some cloves (laung) (15-20) and make fine powder. Then add some water or oil to make paste of cloves powder. Now apply the paste on your forehead; you will get relief within few minutes.
  • Another way of using cloves to control headache (Sir ka dard), gently crush 15-20 cloves (laung) and tie them into a thin cotton cloth to make a swag. Then put the swag near your nostrils and simply inhale the smell of cloves by taking deep breath. Your head pain will be cured amazingly.
  • You can also use clove oil (laung ka tel) with sea salt in place of cloves. Mix 2-4 drops in a pinch of sea salt and rub on your forehead and side points (temples). It will provide cooling effect and relax the tight muscles of head.

12. Apple to cure Headache:

apples to cure headacheApple (Seb) is an amazing fruit that has many health benefits. If you frequently have headache, try this traditional home remedy for 10-15 days. Firstly, eat one apple with a little amount of rock salt (sendha namak) on an empty stomach. And then drink a glass of warm milk, headache will be cured permanently.

13. Tulsi (Basil Leaves):

Basil leaves to cure headacheTo control headache naturally, basil leaves (Tulsi Patti) home remedy is also quite effective. Whenever you have pain in your head, ingest basil leaves juice with honey. Firstly take 15-20 leaves of basil, crush them gently and extract juice. Ingest this juice (1 tsp) with 1-2 spoon honey (shahad) to get relief from headache.

14. Garlic For Headache:

garlic for headacheGarlic (Lahsun) is a type of veggie which works like a pain killer in headache. If you have pain in your head, crush some garlic cloves and extract the juice. Now ingest this juice (1 tsp); your pain will be disappeared within few minutes. This home remedy is more effective in migraine.

In case of migraine, you can apply the paste of garlic (Lahsun) externally on the affected side of the forehead. Keep it for 5-6 minutes and then remove. In place of garlic paste, you can also use garlic juice in your nostrils. Firstly, crush some garlic cloves and extract their juice. Then, instill 2 drops of garlic juice in the nostril of affected side to get relief from headache.

15. Honey for Headache:

Honey is also effective in controlling headache. Simply, instill 2 drops of honey (shahad) in the opposite side nostril of the affected side of the forehead. You will get relief within few minutes.

16. Water Melon:

Watermelon for headacheWater melon or tarbuj is a kind of fruit which is rich in water. Normally, the biggest cause of headache is dehydration and watermelon may help to control this pain without pain killer. If you are suffering from headache since long, you can try this remedy. Firstly, peel the watermelon and chop into small pieces. Then extract the juice of watermelon with the help of cotton cloth or juicer. Drink one cup of water melon juice on an empty stomach in the morning for 15-20 days regularly. It will immediately hydrate your body and cure headache permanently.

17. Spinach for Headache:

spinach for headacheSpinach (Palak) is a type of leafy vegetable which has lots of health benefits. It is also helpful to cure headache without medicine. To control headache, drink the juice of spinach (Palak) with carrot. Firstly, take 15-20 leaves of spinach and 2-3 carrots (Gajar); wash them with clean water thoroughly. Then extract the juice of spinach with carrot and drink it. Properties of spinach (Palak) and carrot (Gajar) help to relax the muscles of head and ease your pain. This home remedy is more effective in curing the pain due to sun stroke.

18. Amla and Coriander for Headache:

Amla and coriander for headacheIf you often have headache, especially after waking up in the morning, apply the remedy of Indian gooseberry (amla) and coriander. Firstly, take amla and coriander seeds (Sukha Dhania) in equal amount and grind them to make fine powder. Now store this powder into a jar. Soak 2 tsp of powder in a glass of water at night; strain this water in the next day morning and drink. Continue it for 1-2 weeks; it is a traditional home remedy of headache.

19. ‘Dadi Maa ke Nushkhe’ for Headache:

– Peepal Tree leaves:

Peepal leaves to cure headachePaste of Peepal tree leaves can cure headache effectively. Simply take some peepal tree leaves and grind them to make paste. Then apply this paste on your forehead to get relief from pain.

– Fresh Coconut to cure Headache:

To get rid of headache, rub down coconut (Nariyal) with water on a rough surface and apply this paste on your forehead.

– Sandal Wood for Headache:

sandal wood for headacheTo cure your headache, apply paste of white sandal (Chandan) on your forehead. Simply, rub sandal wood on a rough surface with white rose water thoroughly and paste it on your forehead. This natural remedy gives relief in pain, especially pain due to sun stroke.

– Lemon Tree Leaves:

Another simple natural remedy of treating headache is to smell lemon tree leaves (Nimbu ka patta). Whenever you have headache, simply crush some lemon tree leaves and keep them on a cotton cloth to make swag. Now put this swag near your nostrils and inhale; you will get relief in your pain.

– Carom Seeds or Ajwain for Headache:

Smell of carom seeds (Ajwain) can also give relief in headache. Simply, keep some carom seeds in a cloth to make swag; put this swag near your nostrils and inhale the smell by taking deep breath.


All the above ingredients like- cinnamon (dalchini), mustard oil, coriander seeds, peppermint, lavender oil etc. remain available in super market. Though all the above said natural remedies have no side effect, but if it does not suit you, stop it immediately.

Though these home remedies are quite effective but if your headache persists and symptoms worsen, seek immediate medical attention.

The home remedies given above is for information purpose only; it is not to be considered as a substitute for medical care from a doctor. Remember to consult your doctor before trying these natural remedies; results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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