20 Health Benefits of Raisin or Munakka

Munakka or RaisinRaisin or Munakka is a type of grapes, dried in a certain manner. It is grown mostly in the Mediterranean region of the world. Raisin is cooling and sweet in nature. It is good for health and cures multiple of health problems naturally. Raisin is known as a energetic dry fruit and does not have any side effect but diabetics should not use it without consulting to physician.

Raisins or munakka are a good source of fibre, anti-oxidants and calcium. Because of rich source of calcium and having micro-nutrient boron, they help to strengthen our bones and teeth. ‘Boron’ helps in quick absorption of calcium in the bones and prevents from the dangerous disease of bones- Osteoporosis. Raisins or munakka have ‘catechin’- an invaluable anti-oxidant and ‘Kaempferol’, a flavonoid which help to decrease the growth of cancerous colon tumours. They are good source of Polyphenolic- a phytonutrients that is good for eyes and skin.

Munakka or raisin has countless benefits. It helps to cure most of the diseases like – cardiovascular diseases, stomach diseases, and lungs diseases. Munakka is highly beneficial to get faster relief after long illness; it helps to improve the function of the immune system. It is good in potassium that reduces tension in blood vessels. In addition to potassium, it also has other important nutrients like fibres, antioxidants and Iron which help to control blood pressure. Raisins have natural sugars i.e. Sucrose and Glucose; they are very helpful in gaining weight.

Major Health Benefits of Munakka or Raisin:

1. Controls Vertigo:

Munakka is useful to control problem of vertigo (chakkar aana). Simply take 100 gm raisins or munakka and roast them with ghee. Then consume 4-6 raisins with a pinch of rock salt daily for 3-4 weeks or till required.

Or just soak 8-10 raisins or munakka into water overnight. Next day morning, crush them in the same water thoroughly after removing seeds; then take it on an empty stomach.

2. Cures Headache:

Raisin or munakka is also known for its healing properties. If you often have headache-

  • Just take 8-10 raisins, 10 gm liquorice (mulethi) and 10 gm mishri.
  • Then grind all the three ingredients to make fine powder.
  • By taking a pinch of snuff of this powder, you can cure headache, especially occurred due to acidity.

3. Munakka for Mouth Problems:

BlackberryRaisins or munakka are good for curing any oral problem. Simply, take 8-10 raisins and 3-4 leaves of blackberry and boil them into a glass of water for 10 minutes. Make gargles of this decoction (kadha) for 3-4 times a day. This is an effective home remedy to cure any type of mouth problem (ulcer etc.). If you do not have any relief instead of applying this remedy within 1 or 2 days that means something is serious and you should consult your doctor.

4. Munakka for Nosebleed (Naksir):

If you often face problem of nosebleed (naksir), put 3-4 drops of grapes or raisin juice in nostrils, you will get immediate relief in nose bleeding. Or only take smell of juice of grapes or munakka in place of dropping into nostrils; it is most effective home remedy of nose bleeding.

5. Controls Bad Breath:

Munakka or Raisin has anti-bacterial properties and works well to control bad breath due to cough or indigestion. If you eat 5-10 raisins daily, you will get rid of bad breath without medicine. Munakka helps to release mucus and improves digestion.

6. Cures Chest Wound:

Munakka has lots of health benefits; it can even cure chest wound.

  • Firstly, take paddy seeds (dhan ki kheel) and raisins 10 gm each.
  • And soak them into 100 gm water for two hours.
  • Then mash them with fingers thoroughly.
  • Ingest 6 gm (dosage) of this paste with honey or mishri repeatedly to cure chest wound.

It is also a good home remedy to control vomiting.

7. Cures Dry Cough:

Raisin or munakka gives strength to lungs and relieves cold and cough by removing accumulated phlegm. Even if you are suffering from dry cough, try munakka as under –

  • Firstly, collect these four ingredients in equal quantity- raisins (munakka), piper longum (pippali), black pepper and dates (khajoor).
  • Remove the seeds of raisins and dates.
  • Then grind all the ingredients one by one and mix well.
  • Now, consume 5-5 gm of this chutney or paste 3-4 times in a day.
  • It will cure chronic or dry cough permanently. It is an excellent home remedy of dry cough.

8. Munakka for Chronic Fever:

Raisin or munakka is an excellent dry fruit that strengthens the immune system. If you are prone to chronic fever and inflammation, try this natural medicine.

  • Firstly, collect these five ingredients in equal quantity- raisins (munakka), piper longum (pippali), Honey (shahad), dates (khajoor) and ghee.
  • Remove the seeds of raisins and dates.
  • Then grind raisins, dates and piper longum one by one.
  • Now mix all the ingredients thoroughly to make paste (avleh).
  • Lick 5 gm of this paste four times in a day to cure chronic fever and cough permanently.

9. Cures Constipation (Kabj):

Munakka or raisins are rich in fibre which help to control the constipation amazingly. Regular intake of raisins can improve bowel movement. To cure constipation, you can consume raisin or munakka with different combination.

a. Raisins with Milk:

Boil 10-20 raisins into a glass of milk for ten minutes and drink it at night with raisins. It is a safe laxative and good natural remedy for constipation.

b. Raisins with Rock Salt:

If you often have problem of constipation (kabj), take roasted raisins with a pinch of rock salt at night before going to sleep.

c. Munakka or Raisin with Figs & Fennel Seeds:

AmaltasTo cure old and chronic constipation, decoction (kadha) of raisin, figs, fennel seed (saunf), rose leaves and Amaltas fruit pulp is very effective and safe. Drink this at night for 5-7 days to cure chronic constipation.

d. Munakka with Cumin Seeds:

Similarly, munakka or raisin with cumin seeds and black pepper works well to cure constipation naturally. You can prepare chutney of all these ingredients and lick 2-3 times in a day.

To know about the complete remedial details of raisin with different compositions, refer to ‘Raisin good for constipation‘.

10. Munakka Controls Acidity:

Munakka or raisins with fennel seeds (saunf) cures acidity. Soak 10 gm raisins and 5 gm fennel seeds in 100 ml water at night and mash them in the morning with finger tips. Drink this water after sieving empty stomach.

11. Good for Anaemia:

Raisin or munakka is rich source of iron and vitamin B- complex. It is improves haemoglobin and cures anaemia in a natural way. By eating 5-10 raisins daily with milk you can increase your haemoglobin level and cure anaemia naturally.

12. Bed Wetting Disorder:

Bed wetting is normally a problem of children; some children wet the bed even after the age of seven during sleep, this is bed wetting.

  • Take two raisins, remove its seed and insert 1-1 black pepper seed in it.
  • Give it to the child to eat before going to sleep at night for 2-3 weeks.
  • Or you can also give 2 raisins only without black pepper for 1-2 weeks.
  • It removes bed-wetting problem.

13. Complete Health Tonic:

Raisin or munakka is full of nutrients such as- calcium, anti oxidants, fibre, vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, therefore it works as a complete health tonic. It helps to make your body healthy and energetic. People, who eat munakka in their daily diet, never face any diseases. Therefore eat 5-10 raisins daily with milk or soaking in water overnight.

Because it is hot in nature, so consume it after soaking into water during summer season. It is rich source of iron and very effective in weight gaining. Therefore, consume a little amount of raisin if your weight is already at higher side.

14. Good for Vision (Eyes):

Raisins or munakka are good source of Polyphenolic- a phytonutrients that is good for eyes. Its anti oxidants and other nutrients are good for ocular health and protect your eyes from glaucoma, night blindness and cataract etc.

15. Makes Bones Strong and Healthy:

Munakka or raisins are rich source of calcium and the micro-nutrient ‘boron’ which help to strengthen our bones and teeth. Calcium is necessary for bones health and the micro-nutrient ‘Boron’ helps in quick absorption of calcium in the bones. It also helps to protect you from the dangerous disease of bones- Osteoporosis. Therefore, include it in your daily diet and ingest 5-10 raisins daily.

16. Helps in Weight Gain:

Raisin or munakka is a rich source of iron and natural sugars- Sucrose and Glucose. Therefore, it is very helpful in gaining weight. If you are weak or low weight, there is no need to take any health supplements available in market; only eat munakka with milk twice a day.

However, you can take 7-10 raisins by roasting with some pure ghee (clarified butter) after removing seeds. Then mix a pinch of black salt and eat them daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

17. Good for Teeth:

Raisins have certain types of photo-chemicals which are necessary for teeth health. By eating 5- 7 munakka daily, you can protect your teeth from cavity, tooth decay and other gums problem.

18. Raisin for Cancer Prevention:

Raisins have ‘catechin’- an invaluable anti-oxidant and ‘Kaempferol’, a flavonoid which are available in raisins naturally. ‘Catechin’ and ‘Kaempferol’ help to decrease the growth of cancerous colon tumors. Therefore, eat 5 raisins daily with milk or soaking into water.

19. Cures Hypertension:

Raisins contain potassium which helps to reduce tension in blood vessels. If you are facing problem of hypertension (high blood pressure), take munakka daily in a limited quantity. Its other important nutrients like- fibre, antioxidants and Iron- also help to control blood pressure naturally.

(Note: If you are already taking hypertension medicine, don’t stop without consulting your doctor. Raisin or munakka is not the substitute of any medicine and not advisable for diabetics.)

20. Munakka Reduces High Fever:

Figs or AnjeerMunakka or raisins are good to control high fever. For reducing high fever, soak 25 raisins in 200ml of water for few hours. Then, crush the raisins with finger tips into the water and add half lemon juice in it. Then strain the water into a cup and ingest twice a day.
Another remedy for reducing high fever is to ingest raisins with figs. Soak 10 munakka and 1 fig into a half cup of water for few hours. At night, remove the soaked raisins and fig from the water and boil in a glass of milk and drink milk with raisins and fig before going to sleep (remove the seeds). Continue to follow this remedy 3-5 days; it will completely cure any type of high fever.

Side effects of Munakka:

Raisin is an excellent dry fruit for over all body health if it is consumed in a limited quantity and proper supervision. Though there is no known side effect of munakka, but because of its sweet content diabetics should not take it without consulting to physician. It is considered as a great source of calories and may be harmful for over weight people. 10 gm of raisins have 30 calories, therefore it is better to take dietitian’s advice about its quantity.


Purpose of remedial uses of raisins or munakka given above, is only to make aware people about health benefits of raisins; it is only for knowledge purpose, not for any treatment or business purpose. However, raisin is an excellent dry fruit for over all body health if it is consumed in a limited quantity and proper supervision.

You can purchase munakka or raisin and other ingredients from grocery shop or any super market or even from on line food stores.

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