24 Health Benefits of Jaggery (Gur)

  • March 23, 2018

Jaggery(gur)Jaggery or Gur:

Jaggery or ‘Gur’ is a traditional natural sweetener of golden brown or dark brown color. It is made by sugarcane and the date palm tree. In the ancient time, it is made by boiling raw sugarcane juice or palm sap in large shallow vessels by heating on 200 Celsius. The sugar made from the sap of the date palm is comparatively costly and less available outside of the regions where it is made. Gur is used in almost every Indian kitchen either alone or mixing with other ingredients like peanuts, condensed milk or coconut.

Gur is used as an ingredient in sweet dishes across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka as well as in Afghanistan and Iran. Maharashtra state is the largest producer of gur in India.

Jaggery or gur is one of the richest source of iron. It is good in vitamins and minerals too. It relaxes muscles, veins and blood vessels because it is a good source of magnesium. Because of its low sodium and rich potassium, it is also helpful to control blood pressure naturally. Jaggery also has calcium, phosphorus, zinc and anti-oxidants like selenium to the some extent.

Health Benefits of Jaggery:

Jaggery or gur is a natural sweetener. Ayurveda recommends it as a digestive agent. It contains sugar in the form of sucrose and has many medicinal and nutritive values. Its dosage or daily requirement of it depends on the age and it is quite necessary to eat it within limit. However, a normal person can take 5-10 gm gur everyday.

Gur is rich source of iron and minerals and also used  as an important ingredient of traditional natural remedies in India. It helps to purify the blood and removes toxins from human body. It works like energy booster and beneficial in the treatment of many health problems. In short, it is not just an edible item but a natural medicine too.

1. Cures Anaemia:

Roasted gram or chana with jaggeryJaggery or Gur is rich in iron therefore it helps to improve haemoglobin naturally. If you are anaemic, eat a reasonable amount of gur daily after meal.

If your haemoglobin is normal, maintain it by eating jaggery and roasted gram (Gur and chana) at least once a week regularly; gram and ‘gur’ both are richest source of iron and folic acid and very good natural supplement of iron especially for women.

2. Good for Indigestion:

Jaggery (gur) works effectively to cure indigestion; it helps in digesting food and improves digestion. Take a small piece (dali) of gur daily after meal. It also helps to remove toxins from the body and improve your appetite.

3. Good for Acidity:

JaggeryJaggery (gur) is also helpful in mild acidity. If you are suffering from acidity or burning in chest, take a small piece of gur (refer- ‘Remedies for Acidity‘).

If you are feeling sour belching (khatti Dakar) due to acidity, mix black salt in some jaggery and lick it. It will control sour belching within few minutes.

4. Cures Constipation:

GingerTo get relief from constipation, chew equal amount of jaggery with ginger. It is a good natural remedy. (For detailed recipe, refer to ‘Remedies of Constipation‘).

5. Controls Joint Pain:

Eating jaggery with a piece of ginger controls joint pain in winter. It is an effective natural remedy. Gur is rich in calcium therefore also helps to strengthen bones. So it is better to use it regularly to control bone related problem especially for ladies after menopause.

6. Menstrual Disorders:

‘Gur’ is most effective home remedy to cure common problems of women related to menstruation like- stomach-ache, weakness and cramps etc.

7. Sore throat:

Jaggery also gives relief in sore throat. To cure sore throat, grate a small piece of ginger, mix some gur in it and heat it. Eat it lukewarm; it gives relief in itching and burning in throat and also clears voice.

8. Jaggery for Asthma:

Black sesame seeds or kala tilJaggery (gur) is beneficial for the patients of asthma because it has anti-allergic properties. Therefore, asthmatics should eat some gur daily.

They should eat it with black sesame seeds in winter season.

  • Take equal quantity of black sesame seeds (Kale til) and gur.
  • Roast black sesame seeds on heat and crush them.
  • Crush the jaggery and mix with black sesame seeds thoroughly.
  • Then make ‘Laddo’ of sesame seeds and gur and eat in winter.

9. Cures Breathing problem:

If you have breathing problem, take 5 gm gur and 5 gm mustard oil (sarson ka tel). Mix them thoroughly and consume. It is very simple but quite effective natural remedy of curing breathing problem.

10. Cures Jaundice:

Dry Ginger(sonth)Jaggery is helpful to cure jaundice (Piliya)- a liver disease naturally. Mix 5 gm dry ginger (sonth) powder in 10 gm jaggery (gur) and give it to ingest to the patient of jaundice twice a day. With a regular use of this remedy for few days, you can treat jaundice without medicine.

11. Hoarseness of Voice :

Jaggery also cures hoarseness of voice. If you are suffering from the problem of hoarseness of voice, eat cooked rice with gur. It helps to treat throat hoarseness and voice naturally.

12. Good for skin:

Jaggery (gur) is also good for skin. It removes toxins from blood and improves blood circulation. Therefore, eat some gur daily to make your skin healthy and glowing.

13. Controls Ear pain:

Jaggery or gur is also good to control ear pain. If you have ear pain, eat a small amount of gur mixing with equal amount of ghee; you will get relief without pain killer.

14. Good Energy Booster:

Jaggery is a good energy booster; it digests easily and gets absorbed in blood instantly. If you are feeling too much fatigue and weakness after an exhausting routine, eat a small piece of gur. It will boost your energy level within minutes. For better results, eat gur with roasted grams (chana).

15. Controls Gastric Problem:

Gastric problemJaggery is good in potassium which helps to control excess gas formation and acid level in stomach. Therefore, ingest a little amount of jaggery mixing with a glass of water daily; it gives relief in gastric problem.

If you chew a small piece of gur daily on an empty stomach, you can get rid of gastric problem for ever.

16. Controls Blood Pressure:

Jaggery is a good source of potassium and is good for blood circulation too. Its high potassium and low sodium helps to control blood pressure also. Therefore, eat a small piece of gur daily to regulate blood pressure naturally.

17. Good for Hair:

Fuller's Earth or Multani MittiJaggery or gur is good for hair too; it makes your hair thick and black. Simply make paste of gur, curd (dahi) and Multani mitti and apply on your scalp twice in a month before shampooing.

18. Helps to Gain Weight:

Jaggery or gur with yogurt (dahi) is a great solution to gain weight. Gur is a natural sweetener and rich source of iron; it contains sugar in the form of sucrose. Similarly, yogurt or dahi is a good source of protein, minerals and essential vitamins. If you consume gur with curd regularly (twice a day), you can put on weight within few days.

19. Increase Sperm Production:

Conception problem is very common among the couples nowadays. It may be due to low sperm count or poor sperm motility. Jaggery or gur has a solution of this type of problem; it acts as a great energy booster for our body. It also helps to increase the production of sperms and their quality. If you are facing such type of problem, consume jaggery (5-10 gm) and basil seeds with a glass of cow’s milk regularly for 4 months. It is believed to help by giving the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins to the body.

By eating gur with amla (Indian gooseberry) powder regularly, sperm count or sperm motility can be increased. Take 10 gm gur with 1 tsp of amla powder on regular basis.

20. Helps in Weight Loss:

Jaggery or gur is very high in potassium that helps to reduce water retention in the body. Its high potassium also improves metabolism and manages body weight. Therefore, by eating jaggery in a limited quantity regularly, you can manage your weight too.

21. Good for Urinary Problems:

Jaggery is made from the sugar cane (ganna) and sugar cane works as a natural diuretic. If someone has urine retention problem, jaggery can help to stimulate urination. By drinking hot milk with gur, you can improve urine flow.

22. Hiccups (Hichki) Treatment:

Problem of the hiccups (hichki) can be cured by eating jaggery or gur. To control hiccups, mix 5 gm gur with 1 gm of dry ginger (sonth) powder and consume with a glass of warm water. It is a traditional home remedy of hiccups.

23. Treatment of Migraine and Headache:

Jaggery is an excellent home remedy to cure migraine and other type of headache. Its properties- iron, magnesium, and potassium- help to reduce the intensity and frequency of headache. Whenever you have headache or migraine, just have gur with pure ghee (For detailed remedy, refer to ‘Remedies for Migraine‘). It helps to constrict blood vessels and control pain without medicine.

24. Purifies Blood:

Jaggery has ability to purify blood naturally. Therefore, include it in your daily diet and eat some gur after meal.


Jaggery or Gur is considered hot in nature; therefore pregnant ladies should not eat it. Excess use of gur may result in weight gain. Excessive use of it may also cause intestinal worms. Diabetes and ulcerative colitis patients should not eat it because regular consumption of it may increase the blood sugar level.

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  1. I wasn’t aware of all those benefits of jaggery that you have mentioned i was eating it since long time but only know that it’s richest source of iron and improves digestion. Thanks to you that now i know many other benefits which makes it more delicious.

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