9 Home Remedies for Low Back Pain

At present, low back pain is the most common health problem of human beings all around the world. Especially women are prone to back pain (kamar dard). It can be caused either due to interconnected network of spinal muscles, nerves, bones and discs or lack of physical activity, excessive physical labour, poor sitting posture and pregnancy. In older people, it may be due to degeneration of the joints in the spine. In fact, back pain affects individual’s day to day life; individual feels difficulty to carry out routine activities.

low back painIn most of the cases of low back pain, urgent care is not required. Or it may be treated at home with some precautions, exercises, and natural remedies. But if the back pain is a result of fever, significant leg weakness, sudden weight loss, loss of control of urination or bowel movement and continuous abdominal pain, people should immediately consult to the doctor.

Some simple home remedies for controlling low back pain are given below; it may attract those people who suffer from chronic back pain and looking for the natural way to alleviate the pain.

Home Remedies for Low Back Pain:-

1. Poppy Seeds:

Poppy seeds or khus khus for low back painPoppy seeds with mishri can cure back pain. Simply, grind equal amount of both the ingredients (50 gm each) one by one. And then, mix them well and store into a jar. Now, ingest 5 gm powder with hot milk two times in a day. You can follow this remedy for 3-4 weeks for complete relief.

2. Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves or tulsi Basil leaves or ‘tulsi patti’ are used as natural remedy to treat back pain (kamar dard) without pain killer. Tulsi plant is mostly available in every house or its surroundings.

Boil 10-15 basil (Tulsi) leaves in a cup of water till it reduces half and drink lukewarm once daily to cure back pain.

3. Ginger, Basil & Cardamom:

Decoction (kadha) of ginger, basil and cardamom helps to cure back pain; use it regularly for 3-4 weeks.


Basil leaves ( Tulsi)                                                       5

Ginger (adrak)                                                             10 gm

Black Cardamom (badi elaichi)                                      2 pods

  • At first, boil crushed or grated ginger, basil leaves, and black cardamom seeds in a glass of water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Let it to be cool and strain into a glass.
  • Then, mix a tablespoon of honey (shahad) in it and drink lukewarm.

4. Turpentine Oil for Low Back Pain:

Turpentine oil is made from the resin of certain pine trees. It is used as medicine; some e-commerce sites such as- flipkart, amazon etc, sell turpentine oil .

Simply, give a massage to the affected area with the oil of turpentine (tarpeen ka tel) 3-4 times in a day. It is very effective remedy of back pain.

5. Mustard oil with Garlic:

Mustard oil with garlic Massage with mustard oil (sarson ka tel) & garlic (lahsun) helps to cure low back pain. For making garlic oil, you have to burn 4-5 garlic cloves in 200 gm mustard oil at first. And then give a massage with this oil on the affected area to remove pain. Garlic has pain relieving properties; it helps to relax your back muscles and relieve pain naturally.

6. Wheat & Poppy seeds:

If you are looking for an excellent home remedy to alleviate low back pain, try it –


Wheat (Gehun)                                                                   50 gm

Poppy seeds (Khus khus)                                                  25 gm

Coriander seeds (Dhania)                                                 25 gm

Milk (Doodh)                                                                       200 ml

Dry ginger powder(Sonth)                                                 1 tsp

Piper longum powder (Pippali)                                          1 pinch

  • At first, soak wheat, poppy seeds and coriander seeds separately in water overnight.
  • Make a paste of soaked wheat, poppy seeds and coriander seeds on the very next day morning.
  • And cook this paste with milk for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then, add dry ginger powder (sonth) and piper longum powder in the milk decoction and ingest this.
  • With a regular use of this decoction for 2-3 weeks you can cure your low back pain permanently.

7. Walnut for Back Pain:

walnuts and akhrotWalnut or akhrot is rich source of omega- 3, copper and manganese and highly recommended for the patients of back pain and arthritis. Therefore, eat 2 walnuts (or 4-5 akhrot giri) on an empty stomach daily.

8. Rock salt:

Rock salt (sendha namak) is very good for inflammation, pain and minor internal injuries. Take a whole piece of rock salt, smooth out it with the help of water and rub it lightly on the affected area directly for 10 minutes. It is an amazing home remedy of low back pain. It removes swelling and provides quick relief from back pain. There is no harm of this remedy, you can repeat it 4-5 times in a day (or as per your requirement).

9. Giloy Leaves for Low Back Pain:

tinospora cordifolia or giloy leaves  for low back pain

Giloy (guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia) is a famous Ayurvedic herb, which has amazing medicinal properties; it is used to cure many diseases like- fever, diabetes, jaundice, asthma, urinary tract disorders, anaemia, cardiac disorders, etc. It can even cure lower back pain also.

Giloy Decoction:

  • Boil 8-10 leaves of Giloy in a glass of water till it reduces to half.
  • Strain it and drink lukewarm for 3-4 weeks. Giloy tree is easily available in surroundings; or you can grow it in your kitchen garden.


You can purchase above said ingredients from grocery shop or super market; there is no side effect of these remedies. But if you are allergic to any ingredient or it does not suit you, stop its use immediately. Though there is no scientific proof of these remedies, but they are in use from the time of our ancestors. Result are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

9 Home Remedies for Low Back Pain

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