About 1000 Natural Remedy:

1000 natural remedy’ is a collection of various natural home remedies for different health problems which are collected from various newspapers, magazines and other sources. By ‘Natural Remedies’ we mean a natural treatment or a home treatment which is free of chemicals and full of natural ingredients available in our kitchen, home or nearby surroundings.

These natural home remedies have their origin in ancient India. During ancient days, conventional medicines were not in use; people used herbs for the treatment of various diseases. Our ancestors grew medicinal plants in their home garden or collected them from forests. They used these plants to treat various health problems effectively.

1000 Natural Remedy’ is also a showcase of health benefits of different ingredients used in these natural home remedies; these ingredients are part of our food, we eat daily. There are many spices, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables and herbs which have medicinal properties and were used to treat diseases in ancient time. We see or eat these ingredients almost daily but do not know about its proper use and health benefits. They are in use from the time of our ancestors and are quite effective, though there is not any scientific proof of this.

Different vegetables and fruits can control blood pressure, diabetes, digestive problems and many other health problems. For example fruit like- ‘Papaya’ is an excellent remedy for any type of stomach problems; nutrients found in papaya are also good for heart disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and almost all digestive health problems.

Similarly, vegetable of ‘cucumber’ is high in potassium, iron, vitamin B, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Cucumber juice is healthy, nutritious and versatile drink and good for over all body health. Likewise ‘fennel seeds’, a type of spices, also have medicinal properties and used as natural remedy. They are good for digestive problems, sinus and bronchitis, and vision. Similarly, cardamom or elaichi is a type of dry fruit and remains available in every house. It is useful for the natural treatment of throat infection, lungs congestion and digestive disorders.

At present, natural remedies have become increasingly popular; people do not want to go to doctor for day to day health problems. Though, these natural remedies do not have any scientific proof as they are passed along by our ancestors.

Though these natural home remedies or ‘deshi’ formulas are still effective as it were before thousands of year back, but do not provide any miracle cure. The ingredients used in these remedies are part of Indian spices, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables and herbs which have no side effects if used in limited quantity and proper manner. Just remember that these natural remedies don’t provide miracle cures and they are not able to take the place of the trained doctors.

These natural remedies are for information purpose only; they are not a substitute of medical care from a trained doctor. You can use it in simple day to day health problems in a proper manner, better to consult your doctor before use. But in serious health problems, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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