Stomach Diseases and Remedies

8 Remedies for Indigestion (Badhajmi)

Indigestion (Badhajmi), also called dyspepsia, is a condition of impaired digestion. It happens to almost everyone from time to time. Actually, indigestion (Badhajmi) is not… Read More »

Home Remedies for Piles (Bawasir)

Piles (Bawasir) or Hemorrhoids: Piles (Bawasir) or Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases today, especially in western countries. Hemorrhoids are vascular structures in… Read More »

10 Natural remedies for Gallstones

Gallstones or Pittashay ki Patharee: Gallstones (pittashay ki patharee) are tiny ‘stones’ formed in the gallbladder out of bile components (digestive fluid). The gallbladder is… Read More »