Diabetic Food Guide for Sugar Control

Diabetic food guide (madhumeh rogi ka aahar) is important for those diabetics who want to maintain perfect sugar level by taking proper food. Diabetes can be managed by following proper diabetic food guide because the food you eat affects the sugar level of the body whether you are taking medicine or not. Main cause of diabetes (madhumeh) is loss of insulin or reduced insulin secretion. So the diabetics have to take extra care to ensure that the food they eat is balanced with the insulin and the oral medication.

Diabetic Food Guide for Controlling Sugar Level:

1. Don’t Eat (Kya Nahi Khayein):

fruits to avoid as diabetic foodIf diabetics (madhumeh rogi) follow proper food guide sincerely, they can control 50-70% diabetes naturally. Sugar, sweets, pastry, sweet drinks, carrot, beetroot (chukandar), chocolate, ice cream, sweet biscuits, sugarcane (ganna), sugarcane juice, rice, wheat, potato, Pav (double roti), bun, banana, grapes, mango, lychee, watermelon, custard apple (sharifa), wine and caffeine are not included in diabetic food. These all eatables are harmful for diabetics. Diabetics should cut sugar and reduce salt.

2. Eatables (Kya Khana Chahiye):

Indian blackberry(jamun) as diabetic fooda. Indian blackberry (jamun), papaya, apple, orange, guava, and peer are good diabetic food. Bitter gourd (karela), garlic and fibrous food help to control diabetes naturally. Avoid oily food and control fat. Eat green vegetables.

b. Eat boiled turnip (shalgam) because sugar removes by boiling the turnip. It is beneficial because it has a little bit of starch and carbohydrates. Likewise boiled potato is also not harmful for diabetics.

c. To control diabetes, eat cucumber, lettuce, spinach, radish & radish leaves regularly or whenever available in market. These are most beneficial salad to improve immunity and to control blood sugar level naturally.

d. Lemonvegetables and fruits as diabetic food is helpful to remove toxins from the body and improve immunity. It is rich source of vitamin C, therefore you can include it in diabetic food.

e. Almonds, walnuts, coconut, coconut water, skim milk (without cream), paneer, curd and buttermilk are also good as diabetic food. Therefore include them in the daily diet plan of diabetics.

f. Mango tree leaves help to control blood sugar level naturally. Eat 4-5 soft mango tree leaves three times a day; it reduces sugar level and has no side effect.

Other Diabetic food:

1. Gram flour (Chana aata) or gram soup is beneficial in this disease. Gram flour has fewer carbohydrates and more proteins; it helps to control the body glucose level. So Gram is beneficial for diabetics.

2. Yeast is also suitable for diabetics (madhumeh rogi) because it has a little bit of sweet taste and lot of phosphorus. Yeast also produces insulin, so it is beneficial for diabetics.

3. Urad dal is also beneficial to control blood sugar. If the juice or extract of whole sprouted urad dal is used by the diabetics, blood sugar will be controlled naturally. But if you have the gastric problem, don’t use Urad dal.

4. Use of soybean products like soya milk, soya curd, soya granules and soybean flour controls diabetes naturally. Therefore diabetics (madhumeh rogi) should include soya products in their daily diet.

5. Eat whole grains (like- oatmeal, brown rice) quinoa, lots of pulses, beans and lentils because they are low in fat and high in fiber. Therefore include whole grains in your diet because it is beneficial for diabetics (madhumeh rogi).

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