Health Benefits of Amla or Indian gooseberry

amla or indian gooseberryAmla or Indian gooseberry is an amazing natural fruit. Its biological name is ‘Emblica officinalis Gaertn’ or ‘Phyllanthus Emblica Linn’. It is available in India during winter season. It is an excellent source of vitamin-C. If you like, you can store it for the purpose of regular use in other seasons also.
The taste of Indian gooseberry is sour and bitter. Fresh fruit of Indian gooseberry contains more than 80% water. Other nutrients are carbohydrates, protein, minerals and fiber. Amla has a great importance in Ayurveda. All parts of the plant including the fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark and flowers are used in various Ayurvedic as well as Unani, Siddha, Tibetan, Sri Lankan and Chinese medicine. (1) Due to its amazing benefits, people use both dried and fresh fruits of Amla to treat various health problems, particularly, stomach diseases.
In short, imbalance of ‘Vata, pitta and kapha’ in human body is the root cause of any disease according to Ayurveda. Indian gooseberry balances all these three ‘doshas’. In other words, amla is able to keep the body system healthy. Because of its useful properties, it helps to cure many health problems, such as cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory, blood purification, gastric etc. it is used almost in all the Ayurvedic medicines of stomach related problems. Similarly, it is good for eyes and hair growth too.

Health Benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry:

1. Cures Throat Infection:

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C. In fact, this is the only fruit in which the potential of vitamin-C remains same whether it is in dry, fresh, boiled, cooked or in any other form. Being high in vitamin-C, it has potential to control throat infections. By consuming it with honey and ginger, you can cure problem of sore throat and cold.

2. Amla for Immunity:

Known for its impressive antioxidant, Indian Gooseberry is good for immune system; it protects the body against free radicals. It increases the white blood cell count in the body, therefore include it in your daily diet.

3. Amla Juice for Digestion:

Indian gooseberry or amla

Indian gooseberry is good for digestive system of human body.  If you take it regularly, it will help to detoxify your liver and improve digestion. In fact, Indian gooseberry is very good in fiber that keeps bowel movement regular and prevents from constipation. It also stimulates the secretion of gastric and digestive juices that helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

In short, Amla reduces acidity, aids digestion, improves appetite and flushes out the toxins that cause diarrhea and dysentery..

4. Prevents Urinary Problems:

Amla is most helpful for urinary system of human body. It is very high in water; hence it helps to flush out unwanted toxins from human body through urination. As a result, it also keeps our kidneys healthy.

5. Amla for Hair Growth:

Actually, Indian gooseberry is a great solution for healthy hairs. It is used even in branded shampoo, oil and hair tonics. It enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. If you eat fresh Indian gooseberry daily or apply its paste on hair roots, you will get results within few months. It will make hair roots strong and improve hair growth and color.

6. Good for Skin:

Amla acts as a blood purifier that helps to eliminate acne, pimples and other skin problems. Whether you eat it, drink it or apply, it will keep you away from any type of skin infection.

Indian gooseberry treats pigmentation, therefore used in some branded face packs too. Due to the presence of Vitamin C, it also improves tannin levels in the body. Tannin level shield from heat and light. Therefore use of Amla helps to keep the skin cool in the summer by regulating the heat.

Moreover, amla is an excellent cleanser that helps to remove skin dead cells. Regular intake of its juice not only increases skin glow but also delays aging effects like- wrinkles, fine lines etc. (2) Its vitamin C and other oxidants tones and tightens the skin.

7. Good for Vision:

Amla contains carotene and vitamin-A which is an important content for vision health. Studies shows that drinking of fresh Indian Gooseberry juice with honey is good for eyes. (3) Therefore, include it in your daily diet to get maximum benefits. It shows good results if it is taken just before going to sleep at night.

8. Amla for Bone Health:

Amla is an excellent natural remedy for strengthening bones because it lowers osteoclasts. Osteoclasts are the cells responsible for breaking up bones. Indian gooseberry is helpful in calcium absorption too which is most essential for bone health.

9. Controls Menstrual Cramps:

Indian gooseberry is very useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps if you take it on regular basis. Minerals and vitamins present in amla helps to prevent menstrual cramps.

10. Indian gooseberry for Insomnia:

Amla is used in Ayurvedic medicines of insomnia. You can treat insomnia or disturbed sleep, by taking one tablespoon of Indian gooseberry juice before going to sleep at night.

11. Amla for Heart:

Actually, Indian gooseberry is a tonic for heart. (4) It helps to strengthen your heart muscles. And if the heart muscles are strong, the heart pumps blood smoothly throughout the body. Amla also contains potassium which reduces tension in arteries and blood vessels. Moreover, it is amazing to fight with the high cholesterol; use it together with aloe vera juice. In short, regular use of amla can reduce the chances of strokes and heart attacks.

12. Respiratory Problems:

Indian gooseberry also cures respiratory problems like allergic asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough etc- as it reduces kapha. In dry cough, take one tablespoon amla juice with honey thrice a day.

13. Paralytic Problem:

It is seen in some cases that use of Indian gooseberry helps to overcome with the paralytic health problems. Movement started in paralytic organs of some patients with regular use of fresh amla juice with honey on an empty stomach.

14. Amla for Blood Sugar:

Indian gooseberry controls blood sugar level and cholesterol level naturally. If you are suffering from diabetes and cholesterol, take Indian gooseberry juice (10-15 ml) with aloe-vera juice regularly.

15. Improves Metabolism:

Amla juice improves metabolism and helps in reducing weight. If you take the its juice regularly, it flushes out the toxins from the body.

16. Reduces Inflammation:

Indian gooseberry has anti inflammatory properties. Hence it is also helpful to reduce swelling or inflammation. Consequently, diseases like arthritis, pancreatitis and age-related renal diseases can also be treated by amla.

In brief, Indian gooseberry is an excellent natural medicine almost for all type of health disorders. Therefore, you should take it daily to keep your body healthy. Ingest Indian gooseberry juice during winter when fresh fruit remains available in market; otherwise use its powder.


Generally speaking that daily requirement of Indian gooseberry depends on age; for eight years child, it is 1 gm, 16 years 2 gm likewise, i.e. 1 gm for every 8 years.


Amla is a super food in all aspects; it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Though studies do not show any negative or harmful effect of it, but some people might be allergic to Indian gooseberry. If you are allergic to this fruit, you might experience some problems like nausea, vomiting etc. In that case stop the use of the fruit immediately and rush to your doctor.