Home Remedies of Stomach Pain in Kids

Stomach Pain (Pet dard) in Kids:

Stomach pain is very common in kids, especially in the new born babies (first three months of life). During this period, intestines of infants are maturing. It is also common among the kids of 6 to 12 months of age, while trying lots of different food for the first time. The reason behind this is generally gas formation. Gas or gastric problem is a kind of health condition which is occurred due to the inflammation of the lining of the stomach.

In short, stomach pain (pet dard) is generally occurred due to gas formation. This gas or gastric problem is very common among kids below one year of age. Because of gastric problem the baby’s tummy gets hard and he starts crying. There is some natural remedy which controls this gas formation and releases gas naturally.

Symptoms, Causes & Treatment:

First and foremost symptom of stomach pain (pet dard) among kids  is excessive abdominal gas and discomfort. Because of excess gas, the baby’s tummy gets hard and he starts crying. Babies with gas pain also tend to pull up their legs and then stretch out, arching their back. If your baby is fussy for no obvious reason, it may be gas pain.

There are many causes of stomach pain (pet dard) among kids. If your child is breast-fed, main cause of this is the food eaten by their mother. The gassy veggies eaten by breastfeeding mother, such as broccoli and cauliflower, taro root (arabi) etc., may cause stomach pain among kids due to gas. If your baby is formula-fed and seems to have stomach pain, the reason behind this is intolerance to the protein in his formula which results in gas pain.

Another cause of stomach pain among infants is to ingest water or any juice to new born. Small babies should not drink anything other than breast milk or formula. You can give water once they are 6 months old because they are likely to have difficulty in digesting that juice. As a result, they may have stomach pain or even loose motion.

Gastric problem among infants is not a serious disease and you can control it by taking some precautions, such as- eating a healthy diet by breastfeeding mother, applying proper hygiene, ingesting the new born only mother feed up to 6 months etc. However, some simple natural remedies are also there which are quite effective to control this common health problem among kids. These remedies are quite safe because the ingredients used in these remedies are part of everyone’s day to day life.

Home Remedies of Stomach Pain in Kids:

1. Asafoetida for Stomach Pain:

Asafoetida or HeengIf your baby is fussy without any reason, it may be stomach pain (pet dard) due to gas. To cure this stomach pain, firstly take a pinch of asafoetida (heeng) and dissolve it into a little amount of water. And then, apply this asafoetida paste around the naval point of infant. It helps to release the abdominal gas and the baby will be comfortable. This natural remedy has no side effect and you can apply it every age group of children.

2. Yellow Chebulic Myrobalan (Badi Harad):

Another good remedy of curing stomach pain among kids is the use of yellow chebulic myrobalan (Badi Harad).

  • Take one yellow chebulic myrobalan (badi harad) and clean with fresh water.
  • Now rub it on a rough surface of clean rolling board or platform with some water (one tea spoon water) 4-5 times.
  • The water became light brownish.
  • Put this water in a spoon and ingest it to the small kid or infant.
  • In case of babies below 6 months, use mother’s milk in place of water.
  • This is most effective natural remedy to release stomach gas.
  • Start it to apply from the age of three months and above and increase the dosage according to age.

You can give Jaiphal or nutmeg and almond (badam) with yellow Chebulic Myrobalan (Badi Harad) by rubbing 3-4 times in the same water.

3. Cumin seeds or Carom seeds for Stomach Pain:

Cumin(jeera) seeds for Stomach PainCumin seeds (jeera) and carom seeds (ajwain) are also good to cure stomach pain of small children naturally. At first, take some cumin seeds and grind it with water to make paste. And then, apply this paste on the tummy of the new born (navjat shishu) externally. It will release the gas within few minutes and the baby will be comfortable.

Carom(ajwain) seeds for Stomach PainLikewise, you can also use carom seeds (ajwain) in place of cumin seeds. Carom seeds also give relief from gas formation. It is an effective natural remedy to cure gastric problem in every age group of children. Make the paste of carom seeds or ajwain and apply on the tummy of your baby externally.

If the child is above 6 months, you can give cumin seeds (jeera) water or carom seeds (ajwain) water to infants. Boil 1/2 tea spoon of cumin seeds or carom seeds in a cup of water and give 1-2 spoons of water to the infant. You can repeat it after 2 hours if required.

4. Amaltas Or Cassia Fistula Fruit pulp Ghutti:

Cassia Fistula(Amaltas) for stomach painAmaltas (Purging Cassia or Cassia fistula) fruit pulp ghutti is an excellent natural remedy for gastric and other stomach problems in newborn babies.

  • To make Amaltas ghutti, take 2 gm amaltas dry fruit pulp.
  • And boil it into half cup of water till it reduced to half.
  • Add some jaggery or gur in it for taste.
  • Give 2 spoons of this ghutti to your infants twice a week.
  • It improves digestion of the child and controls gas formation naturally.

Amaltas (Purging Cassia or Cassia fistula) is a plant which has medicinal properties. Amaltas fruit pulp is used as a traditional remedy for stomach problems. It’s dry fruit pulp is available in grocery shop.


If there is no improvement even after treating your child several times a day, or if his stomach pain coincides with such other symptoms as vomiting, diarrhoea, or fever, call your doctor right away.


The remedies given above are for knowledge purpose; they are not the substitute of the medical treatment. So, it is better to consult your doctor before use.

Above said all the ingredients like asafoetida, cumin seeds, carom seeds (ajwain), chebulic Myrobalan (Badi Harad), jaiphal or nutmeg, and almonds can be purchased from grocery shop or super market like big bazaar, D-mart etc. Amaltas fruit pulp (dry) is available at some old grocery shops.

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