health problems and their natural cure

Natural Cure:

I am quite excited to launch my new blog 1000 natural remedy. I would like to say something on health problems and their natural cure in my blog. There are many fruits and vegetables which have lots of health benefits. Many spices and dry fruits are also able to cure various health problems. Though we see or eat these almost daily but do not know about its proper use and health benefits. I have also tried to written about these health benefits. This is my little effort to write maximum natural remedies in my blog to treat many health problems or diseases. I have collected this information from various newspapers, magazines and other sources.

‘Health is wealth’ is a popular proverb. But we people often fail to pay attention to our body’s health because of increasing work pressure and busy lifestyle. Today’s lifestyle invites diseases like- high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, arthritis, ulcer, high cholesterol and many others. Therefore, to control these health problems, we have to run to doctor.

Allopathy (or conventional medicine) is the most widespread system of treatment used worldwide at present. Because it quickly gives relief from ailments, therefore people prefer it. Though these allopathic drugs are mostly chemicals and almost all medicines or drugs have some sort of side effects. But because of inflation, people are unable to afford the costly medicines and doctor’s fees. Though Government provides facilities to common man in the form of govt. hospitals. But there is a huge crowd of patients in these hospitals and the number of doctors is less. Because of that doctor cannot pay proper attention to every patient.

1000 Natural Remedies:

In this situation, natural cure will be helpful to treat these common health problems. It is being in practice in India from the time of our ancestors. The ingredients used in these remedies are part of Indian spices. These spices remain available almost in every kitchen or house; only we need to be aware of it.

My blog- 1000naturalremedy.com– is a small effort to make aware others about these small natural remedies. I have also written about the benefits and properties of these spices. These ‘deshi’ formulas are still effective as it were before thousands of year back, only need is to keep faith. If anything is not very serious, you can use it in simple day to day health problems. But in serious health problems, you should consult your doctor immediately. If you take it in proper manner, it does not harm anyone and there is no side and after effects of it.

health problems and their natural cure

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