Lower Back Pain Prevention – Do’s or Don’ts

Lower back pain (kamar dard) preventive measures are as important to follow as medicine. There is a famous proverb- ‘Prevention is better than cure’; to get rid of lower back pain is also based on this proverb. If you follow the Do’s or Don’ts instructions completely, you will cure your lower back pain naturally more than 50%.

Lower Back Pain Preventive Measures (Kamar dard):

1. Maintain Proper Weight:

To get rid of low back pain (kamar dard), maintaining proper weight is first requirement. By way of weight control, you can avoid excess strain on lower back; too much upper body weight can strain the lower back that may result in lower back pain.

2. Exercise for Lower Back Pain:

Need of regular exercise is much important than medicine because only medication can’t cure the lower back pain (kamar dard); the impact of medicines only suppress the problem for some time whereas exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of lower back. Regular exercises keep your back healthy and strong. Start the exercise low and slow without exerting your body.

3. Healthy Diet for Lower Back Pain:

Healthy balanced diet also works as a natural remedy of any type of health problem. So take healthy and balanced diet to avoid lower back pain because it is true that what you are is what you eat. Some foods increase inflammation so avoid that food. Use of flax seeds (alsi) helps to decrease inflammation; garlic (lahsun), onion (pyaj), cinnamon (dalchini), carrots (gajar), turmeric (haldi) and basil leaves (tulsi) are rich in anti- inflammatory properties, so add these in your daily diet. Eat nutritious food like- carrots, beets, garlic, sweet potatoes, cherries, berries, grapes, pomegranate etc. Avoid fast food, processed food and saturated fats like white bread, pasta, rice, sugary drinks, fried food, snacks, chips, crackers and the food made of white flour like- cake, pastries, burgers, Chinese food etc. because these food are harmful for lower back pain. Take calcium rich diet.

4. Abdominal & Spinal Strengthening Exercises:

To control lower back pain in a natural way, do regular simple exercises to strengthen your abdominal and spinal muscles. Simple balance exercises such as standing on one leg for one to two minutes will work your abdominal muscles without the need for sit-ups.

5. Selection of Footwear:

Selection of footwear also matters in controlling lower back pain in a natural way. Wear flat shoes with cushioned soles or low heal sleepers to reduce strain on your back; high heal or hard sole of shoes may affect your lower back adversely.

6. Proper Posture for Lower Back Pain:

It is important to take care about the proper posture while sitting, standing, sleeping & driving to avoid lower back pain. (1) If you want to cure back pain, avoid sudden movements which can cause muscle strain. It is necessary to know how to lift objects safely to protect your back. Avoid bending over at the waist to pick things up; use your legs- never your back. Do not sit for more than one hour at a time. Take one minute break each hour to minimize your lower back pain. Some type of postures are given below which define what is wrong and what is right –

a. Right Posture 1 for Lower Back Pain-

Lower back pain - right postureLying on side, with knees bent, effectively flattens the back. Flat pillow may be used to support the neck, especially if shoulders are broad.

Wrong Posture 1-

Lower back pain - wrong postureLying flat on back makes swayback worse.


b. Right Posture 2-

Lower back pain - right postureSleeping on back is restful and correct when knees are properly supported.

Wrong Posture 2-

Use of high pillow strains neck, arms & shoulders.


c. Right Posture 3 for Lower Back Pain-

Lower back pain - right posture 3Raise the foot of mattress eight inches to discourage sleeping on the abdomen.

Wrong Posture 3-

Lower back pain - wrong posture 3 Sleeping face down exaggerates swayback, strains neck & shoulders.


d. Right Posture 4-

Lower back pain- avoid wrong postureUse of footrest relieves swayback.




Wrong Posture 4-

Right posture to prevent lower back painNot this way-





e. Right Posture 5-

Bend the knees and hips, not the waist.




Wrong Posture 5-

Not this way-





f. Right Posture 6-

Hold heavy objects close to you.




Wrong Posture 6-

Not this way-





g. Right Posture 7-

Never bend over without bending the knees.




Wrong Posture 7-

Not this way-




h. Right Posture 8 –

Relieve strain by sitting well forward; flatten back by tightening abdominal Muscles and cross knees.



Wrong Posture 8-

TV slump leads to “dowager’s hump” strains neck and shoulders.



i. Right Posture 9-

Use of footrest relieves swayback; have knees higher than hips.




Wrong Posture 9 –

If chair is too high, swayback is increased.




j. Right Posture 10-

Correct way to sit while driving is close to pedals. Always use a seat belt.



Wrong Posture 10-

Driver’s seat to far from pedals emphasize curve in lower back.



k. Right Posture 11-

Keep neck and back as straight as possible with the spine. Bend forward from the hips.



Wrong Posture 11-

Forward thrusting strains muscles of the neck and head.


These preventive measures help to get rid of lower back pain (kamar dard) as a natural remedy. But if these preventive measures do not work in controlling back pain, or an existing condition worsens, a visit to the physician is necessary. After examining a patient with chronic back pain, a physician can determine what forms of treatment or tests may be required.