Papaya (Papita) Good for Constipation

Papita or Papaya- an amazing fruit:

Constipation is very common problem today. It occurs when the bowel movements are not regular. Constipation generally experienced by adults and kids and may create a chronic health problem such as- piles if not cured timely. Papaya (papita in Hindi) is an excellent fruit which is very good for human digestive system. (1) Because of its laxative properties, it is effective in curing constipation naturally.

Papita(papaya) for constipationBecause of its dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and several proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes, papaya is very good to cure constipation. It has ‘Papain’ that plays an important role in improving the digestion; it is extracted from unripe papaya. Therefore, unripe papaya is considered to be more effective to treat constipation in comparison to the ripe one.

Papaya (Papita)- Good for Constipation:

Papaya works as a natural laxative and is very good to treat constipation. To cure constipation, eat one bowl ripe papaya (4-5 pieces of five inches papaya) after removing seeds in breakfast and at evening daily. Papaya (papita) fruit is rich in dietary fiber which helps in bowel movement.

You can take papaya juice instead of eating. You can give it to babies too for constipation by mashing it or making juice. Best time for eating papaya fruit is in the morning or by lunch time as it gives a plenty of time for bowel movements.

Papaya with Figs:

Eat papaya and 4-6 figs (fresh or dried) in breakfast daily to cure constipation completely. If you are using dried figs, soak them into water before eating.

Papaya with Lemon Water:

Papita or papaya along with 2 glasses of lemon water is good for constipation. Eat ripe papaya fruit after removing seeds with 2 glass of lemon water at night.

Papaya (Papita) Juice:

Drinking of Papaya juice instead of eating is more effective to relieve constipation if you blend papaya directly or with water because it is more concentrated form of papain.

Salad of Papaya (Papita):

By eating salad of papaya fruit after every meal, you can get relief in constipation (kabz) naturally. For a taste, you can sprinkle a little bit of black salt or chat masala on it.

Unripe Papaya Juice:

Unripe papaya (papita) is heavy in gluten and is more effective to prevent constipation. To make unripe papaya juice, peel off the skin of papaya and cut into small pieces. Then put few pieces of papaya into the blender with some water and mix; consume after a meal.

Papaya (papita) is a type of fruit and there is no side effect of it if you eat in limited quantity. But if you are pregnant, don’t use papaya fruit without consulting your doctor. In villages, people use raw papaya as a natural way to terminate unwanted pregnancies even today; therefore it is not safe in pregnancy.


Though papita or papaya is a wonderful fruit provided by the nature but it has some side effects also. However, there is no need to be panic, just take some precautions and eat it to make you healthy. Papaya fruit is rich in fibre and it requires more water consumption. While eating papaya, your fibre intake becomes high and lack of water may cause stool hardness. So drink more water (at least 10-12 glass in a day). Excessive intake of papaya may affect your digestive system negatively; you can eat 250-350 gm of papaya in a day.

All the remedies are given for the purposes of knowledge only; it is not to be considered as a substitute of medical treatment. It is better to consult your doctor before trying these remedies; results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.