Stomach Diseases & Remedies

Stomach & Its Diseases:

stomach anatomyStomach (pet) is an important organ of human body where digestion of food begins. It is a ‘J’ shaped muscular sac lies between esophagus and small intestine. In other words, stomach is a part of digestive system from where churning of food takes place into a consistency. By churning of food, it makes digestive process easier for intestine. In short, partial digestion of the food takes place in the stomach. It has three tasks. Firstly, it stores swallowed food. Then it mixes the food with stomach acids. At last, it releases the mixture to the small intestine.

The wall of the stomach has four layers- mucosa, sub-mucosa, muscularis externa, and the serosa. All of these play an important role in digestion of food. As long as these parts play their role in controlled and regulated manner, everything is all right. But when this process is interrupted due to some reasons, problems started.

Natural Remedies:

Most of the people have stomachache (pet dard) at one or another time. Acidity (pitta rog), gastric trouble and indigestion (badhajmi) are common among them. These stomach related health problems can be short-lived, come and go, or show up only after you eat. If you go to doctor, firstly he runs a number of tests to narrow it down. And then starts treatment with so many medicines.

In most of these cases, you can control these problems by adopting a certain lifestyle habits. Like if you notice that certain food types do not agree with you, try to keep away from them. Avoid junk food, cold drinks etc. If you have problem of acidity, add alkaline food in your diet and avoid spicy, oily, fatty and heavy food. Include walking and other simple exercises in your daily habits. Because it helps in digestion and burning out of calories, so that you can avoid the condition like GERD (acid reflux) from occurring. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise contributes to stomach-related problems.

You can also get relief from these stomach problems by applying some natural home remedies; there are many easy home remedies or ‘gharelu deshi nushkhe’ which you can prepare at home. I would try to get aware of these natural remedies through my blog. These are very effective and simple. Very common stomach problems are- Acidity & Gastric trouble, indigestion & flatulence.

In my next blog, I have given some simple and effective natural remedies of acidity, indigestion, gastric trouble and flatulence.

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