14 Easy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain (kamar dard):

lower back pain - exercisesLower back pain (kamar dard) is very common health problem across the whole of the universe. Bouts of lower back pain may lasts between days and years. There are so many options of treatment available for lower back pain ranging from medication to surgery but the most effective and long lasting treatment is doing regular work out or exercise for strengthening the back.

Exercise (vyayam) works best for lower back pain. (1, 2) Diet and exercise may solve 90% of problem. If you are fed up of main stream treatment or pain killers, or your doctor has recommended surgery, don’t be depressed, have patience and spare some time from your daily routine for back strengthening exercises. I am sure if you do exercise on regular basis, you will never be looked back. This is my personal experience. Even many doctors are following yoga. You can also follow yoga but don’t try those ‘asana’ which are harmful for you. I have personally tried some exercises and feel 90% of improvement in my backache. By following these simple exercises, you can also reduce and eliminate your lower back pain.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain:

1. Retro- Walking or Walking Backwards:

Retro- walking or walking backwards is most effective exercise to reduce low back pain (kamar dard). Walk backwards for 10 minutes morning and evening daily. It will certainly reduce your pain.

2. Water Walking for Back Pain:

Water walking is a totally different workout. Simply do water walk in shoulder length water for 30 minutes daily. In starting, you have to take support of outer wall to keep your balance but slowly by getting used to you need not any support. It will take some time but you can do it very well. Water walking is an amazing exercise which not only cures your lower back pain completely but also helps to reduce body weight.

3. Wall Slides Exercise for Back Pain:

back pain - exerciseFor performing wall slides exercise, firstly stand against the wall spread your shoulders outwards and touch your back from the wall. Then, slide downwards and bend your knees up to 90 degree. Hold the position till counting up to 5. At last, slide upwards to be in the original position. Repeat it for five times.


4. Back Leg Swing for Back Pain:

Back pain- back leg swing exerciseFor performing this exercise for back pain (kamar dard), at first, stand behind the chair by holding the top of the chair. And then swing one leg backwards and bring it back slowly. Likewise, do the same motion with another leg. Repeat it for five times.




5. Knee to Chest Exercise for Back Pain:

knee to chest exercise Lie on a comfortable bed /floor. Hold right thigh with both the hands (left leg will be in straight position), bring it close to the chest well and hold it for 3 seconds. Perform same motion with the left thigh. Repeat it for five times.


6. Lower Abdominal Exercise:

Lower abdominal exerciseLie straight on your back, bend your knees and bring both thighs slowly up to chest, hold the position for 3 seconds and straighten gradually but keeps legs folded. Repeat it for five times.


7. Leg Raise Exercise for Back Pain:

Leg raise exerccise- Back painLie straight on your back, take deep breath and keeps leg folded, raise one leg straight, hold the position for 3 seconds and bring it down slowly in the original position (keeps the other leg in folded position). Do the same from another leg. Repeat it five times from each leg.


8. Pelvic Tilt for Back Pain:

Pelvic tilt for Back painLie straight on your back, push your back against the floor, take deep breath by tightening the stomach muscles and exhales, keep the position for 3 seconds. Perform each cycle five times.



9. Hip Rolling for Back Pain:

hip rolling exercise for back painLie on your back with folded knees; bring both arms in front of the chest in interlock position. Roll your upper body first on right side and bent your knees on left side. Hold your knees in this position for some time. Now come slowly on the original position and again repeat this exercise in opposite direction. Repeat it for five times.


10. Pelvic Lift for Back Pain:

pelvic lift

Lie on your back; bring both arms in front of the chest in interlock position. Press your lower half against the floor and lift your thighs as much as you can for 3 seconds. Lower your thighs and repeat it for 5 times.



11. Prone Leg Raises:

Prone leg raises - back pain exerciseLie on your stomach. Raise your one leg as much as you can and hold it up to counting five and bring it down slowly. Do the same cycle with the other leg. Repeat it for five times.


12. Hip Tension (Bent Knee Lift):

hip tension (bent knee lift) exercise

Lie on your stomach. Fold your knee up to 90 degree and lift your thigh upwards (the hips should be raised) and bring it down slowly. Avoid arching low back. Repeat it from the other leg. Repeat it from each leg five times.


13. Hand Knee Rocking for Back Pain:

hand knee rockingSit with support of knee and ankle. Put thigh weight on ankle and stretch your arms forward. Now raise your back and gradually raise your head. Go back slowly.




14. Press up or Bhujangasana:

press up or bhujangasanaLie on your stomach, keep your hands straight and raise your trunk by making arch of the lower back and without raising your back. Bring down your trunk slowly. Repeat it 5 times.



These exercises are self applied and advised by doctor. You can also try these exercises to cure lower back pain in a proper way but if you feel any discomfort, immediately stop it. However, it is better to consult your doctor at first.