Amazing Health Benefits of Jaiphal or Nutmeg

Nutmeg or Jaiphal

Jaiphal or Nutmeg is a popular fragrant spice that is normally used for flavoring many dishes. It is one of the two spices (nutmeg and mace) grown on an evergreen tree ‘Myristica fragrans’. Mace is the inner case of the nutmeg and looks like webbing. Nutmeg is the seed of the tree that is looked like egg in shape. This seed is dried for culinary usage and usually used in powder form. Mace has a more delicate taste than nutmeg.

The fragrant nutmeg, Myristica fragrans, is native to the Banda Islands in the Moluccas (Indonesia). But now, it is cultivated almost all around the world. In India, Kerala is famous as the hub of this spice trading.

Nutmeg (jaiphal) is an important and costly spice which is used in many traditional medicines to treat various diseases. Nutmeg and mace both are rich in minerals like- calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc and magnesium. Potassium helps to control heart rate and blood pressure. Nutmeg is rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin and many anti-oxidants. It also has anti-depressant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Health Benefits of Nutmeg (Jaiphal):

1. Jaiphal for Insomnia:

nutmeg or jaiphalNutmeg helps to induce sleep naturally. Jaiphal contains myristicin- a compound that helps in promoting sleep. Moreover, it is rich in magnesium too that helps to reduce nerve tension. To treat insomnia, simply, mix a pinch of nutmeg powder with a little amount of pure ghee (preferably cow’s ghee) and rub around the temples before going to sleep. It relaxes your mind and helps to get sound sleep.

Alternatively, you can take a pinch of nutmeg powder mixing with a glass of milk at night for sound sleep.

2. Nutmeg for Toothache:

Nutmeg oil contains eugenol which is good to cure toothache (dant dard) naturally. In case of toothache, put some drops of nutmeg oil in a cotton swab and apply to the gums around the aching tooth. It is a good pain reliever.

3. Improves Digestion:

Most of the people suffer from the problem of indigestion; nutmeg induces the secretion of various gastric and intestinal juices that helps in digestive process. By adding a little amount of nutmeg powder in your daily diet like- sprinkle over salad and soup- you can improve your digestion. Likewise, few drops of nutmeg oil with honey can control gastritis and indigestion.

4. Good for Muscular and Joint Pain:

Nutmeg oil (jaiphal ka tel) helps to reduce swelling and pain. If you are suffering from rheumatic pain of joints, arthritis, gout or muscular pain, apply its oil locally. Simply, prepare nutmeg oil and rub on the affected area gently. (1)

Or you can even apply nutmeg paste directly on the aching area.

How to Prepare Nutmeg Oil / Paste:

Mix 25 gm nutmeg oil with 100 gm mustard (sarson) oil or sesame (til) oil and keep into a jar. Whenever you have any type of joint pain, give massage over affected area. Repeat it several times in a day; you will get relief definitely.

In the same way, you can make paste of Nutmeg by adding a little water in 1 or 2 tsp of jaiphal powder.

5. Jaiphal for Brain:

Nutmeg acts as an excellent brain tonic by stimulating the brain. It contains the key compounds – myristicin and macelignan, which help to ease mental stress, anxiety and depression. Myristicin also inhibits an enzyme in the brain that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. By including this spice in your diet, you can shield your brain against Alzheimer’s.

6. Good for Skin Health:

Jaiphal is good for skin problems such as- pimples, acne, boils, marks of pox. In fact, it is used in some herbal and traditional medicines for boosting the health of skin. The oil extract of nutmeg is used for making lotions, scrubs and cream.

Jaiphal is an ideal ingredient to enhance the facial beauty indeed. You can make natural scrubs by using powdered orange lentil and nutmeg at home. It is good for pigmentation, dark spots and freckles.

a. Nutmeg and Honey Pack:

Make a paste using a little nutmeg powder and honey and apply it on your face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. It will make your skin scars free and brighter within few days. Furthermore, you can also apply this for reducing wrinkles, signs of aging and other marks on face.

b. Nutmeg powder with Cinnamon:

For curing acne, make a paste using a pinch of nutmeg powder with cinnamon and honey. Mix each of the ingredients mentioned above in equal amount and apply the mixture every morning. Keep it for around 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. It helps in alleviating acne and reducing scars.

7. Controls Blood Pressure:

Nutmeg is rich in minerals which is important for maintaining organ function. Being a rich source of potassium, it helps to relax blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure and lowering the strain on the cardiovascular system. (2)

8. Jaiphal for Male Libido:

Because of its aphrodisiac properties, nutmeg is believed to be a suitable for increasing male libido. Ingest a pinch of nutmeg powder mixing with milk or tea; it is highly beneficial for curing impotence, premature ejaculation and low libido.

9. Nutmeg for Headache:

To control severe headache, apply the paste of nutmeg on your forehead. Take a pinch of nutmeg and make paste by adding a little water; now apply it on your forehead.

10. Jaiphal for Cold among Kids:

Nutmeg is a known traditional remedy of cold and cough among kids. You can give it with honey or mother’s milk to cure cough and cold. Simply, rub a pod of nutmeg on hard surface (3-4 times) and give it to the baby directly or with mother’s milk.

11. Nutmeg for Frequent Urination:

If someone is suffering from the problem of frequent urination, try nutmeg (jaiphal). Simply, take a pinch of nutmeg powder together with white muesli powder daily for ten days.

12. After Delivery Backache:

Nutmeg is good to cure backache after delivery. Rub a pod of nutmeg on hard surface with some water and apply its paste on your back (twice a day); backache will be cured completely within a week.

13. Nutmeg oil for Gastric Problem:

If you are having stomachache due to gastric problem, put 2-3 drops of nutmeg oil (jaiphal ka tel) on a batasha and ingest. You can also use sugar in place of batasha; it is a good home remedy to get rid of gastric pain.

14. Nutmeg for Sperm Count:

Do you know, nutmeg is helpful in boosting male fertility and sperm count in a natural way. Take it regularly with milk before going to sleep.

You can also take it with mishri also; mix a pinch of nutmeg powder together with mishri (equal amount). Then, ingest it twice a day for 3-4 weeks regularly; it will give you amazing results.


Use of nutmeg in low dose is beneficial but its larger dose may cause some complications like- sweating, palpitation, hallucination, delirium and other discomforts. Therefore, while using the spice of nutmeg always remember to keep the amount under control. It is not suitable for pregnant ladies; keep it out of the reach of children.

Though nutmeg is a type of spice that has no side effect but its effects may vary person to person. Remember to consult your doctor before trying these natural remedies; results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. If someone is allergic to this ingredient or it does not suit you, stop the application immediately.