Baby Coughing: Remedies for Infants

Cough, a common health problem of infants, is a healthy and important reflex that helps to protect the airways in the throat and chest. It can be the result of a respiratory tract infection such as cold, bronchitis, pneumonia etc.; infants less than 6 months old are easily affected by this type of infection. Changing […]

Cradle Cap in Infants: Home Remedies

Cradle cap is a common skin condition that appear on the scalp of newborn babies (navjat shishu). It looks like snowy flakes of skin on the scalp of the head (just like dandruff in adults). These yellowish, greasy patches of scaling feel hard, thick and rough to touch. Though, it is not itchy and does […]

Diaper Rash in Babies: Tips and Treatment

Diaper rash in babies is a common skin problem which makes a baby’s skin sore, red, and scaly. These rashes develop on the skin of the area that is covered by a diaper, that’s why it is called ‘Diaper rash” (Irritant diaper dermatitis). This skin problem usually occurs in infants and babies below the age […]

Baby Colic: Symptoms, Causes And Remedies

Baby colic or infantile colic is an attack of frequent, prolonged and inconsolable crying in a healthy infant with no apparent reason. It is not a disease but a combination of unpredictable behaviors. It is very common among the infants around six weeks of age and gets normally better by 6 months of age. Baby […]

Diarrhoea in Babies: Home Remedies

Diarrhoea or loose motion (i.e. frequent passing of loose and watery stools) is a common problem among babies. It is very tough for parents to handle the situation because it may cause dehydration as a lot of water and salt is lost during loose motion. Though, it  is a natural way to flush out the […]

Infant Nutrition: 0 – 12 months – Feeding Guide

Infant nutrition is the description of dietary needs of infants (0 to 12 months) which is necessary for optimal growth and development of the baby. Infancy or the first year of life is a prime time for the growth of a baby which not only affects the overall health and growth of the baby but […]

Infants Health Problems- Simple Home Remedies

Infants health problems refer to the health issues of a child from birth till twelve months of age. Newborn babies (navjat shishu) are most vulnerable just after birth because they make the transition from the mother’s womb to this world. Babies have a weak immune system; it is difficult for them to cope up with […]

Tips for Prevention of Cold among Kids

Cold Among Kids: Cold and cough (sardi khansi) is a very common viral disease of kids for which parents use medicines every time. It spreads from one member of the family to another. Kids tend to get cold and cough easily therefore it is better to take some prevention instead of treatment. Some of the […]

6 Natural Remedies of Cold among Kids

Cold Among Kids: Cold, a viral infectious disease, is a very common among kids. This is an infection of upper respiratory tract. It primarily affects the nose and then throat. The viruses of cold are either transmitted through hand to hand, or hand to surface to hand contact. In fact, the viruses of cold may […]

Home Remedies of Stomach Pain in Kids

Stomach Pain in Kids: Stomach pain (pet dard) is very common in kids, especially in the new born babies (first 3 months of life). During this period, intestines of infants are getting stronger. It is also common among the kids of 6 to 12 months of age, while trying lots of different food for the […]