1000 natural remedy

Natural Cure:

‘1000 Natural remedy’ is an effort to say something on day to day health problems and their natural cure which we can try at home by using ingredients available around us. In other words, ‘Health is wealth’ is a popular proverb but we people often fail to pay attention to our body’s health. Today’s lifestyle invites diseases like- high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, arthritis, ulcer, high cholesterol and many others.

Allopathy (or conventional medicine) is the most widespread system of treatment used worldwide at present. Because it quickly gives relief from ailments, therefore people prefer it. Though these allopathic drugs are mostly chemicals and almost all medicines or drugs have some sort of side effects. But because of inflation, people are unable to afford the costly medicines and doctor’s fees. Though Government provides facilities to common man in the form of govt. hospitals. But there is a huge crowd of patients in these hospitals and the number of doctors is less. Because of that doctor cannot pay proper attention to every patient.

Natural Remedies:

In this situation, natural cure will be helpful to treat these common health problems. ‘1000 natural remedy’ is a collection of various natural remedies which are used to treat different health problems. These remedies are collected from various newspapers, magazines and other sources. These natural remedies have become increasingly popular at present, though they do not have any scientific proof.(1) Its origin is in ancient India as it is passed along by our ancestors. During ancient days, conventional medicines were not in use; people used herbs for the treatment of various diseases. People grew medicinal plants in their home garden or collected them from forests in those days.

By ‘Natural Remedies’ we mean a natural treatment or a home remedy which is free of chemicals and full of natural ingredients available in our kitchen, home or nearby surroundings. Actually, these remedies help to those people who do not want to go to doctor for their day to day health problems.

Health Benefits:

‘1000 Natural Remedy’ is also a showcase of health benefits of different ingredients; these ingredients are part of our food, we eat daily. We see or eat these ingredients almost daily but do not know about its health benefits and medicinal use. For example fruit like- ‘Papaya’ is an excellent ingredient for any type of stomach problems; it is also good for heart disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Another example is cucumber which is a type of vegetable and good for over all body health. It is high in potassium, iron, vitamin B, zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. In the same manner, ‘fennel seed’, a type of spices, also have medicinal properties.(2) It is good for digestive problems, sinus and bronchitis, and vision.

Moreover, Cardamom or elaichi is useful for the treatment of throat infection, lungs congestion and digestive disorders. It remains available in every house.


Though these natural remedies are still effective as it were before thousands of year back, but do not provide any miracle cure. The ingredients used in these remedies are part of Indian spices, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables and herbs which have no side effects if used in limited quantity and proper manner. Just remember that these natural remedies neither provide miracle cure nor a substitute of trained doctor. You can use it in simple day to day health problems in a proper manner (better to consult your doctor before use). But in serious health problems, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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