Best Natural Anti Depression Foods

Depression or avsaad is a curable disease. Have you heard about happy foods? Yes, there are some happy foods which help to beat depression naturally; you may call them anti depression foods. Though, these anti depression foods don’t cure depression directly but they certainly help to overcome depression. They act as good mood elevator to keep the … Read more Best Natural Anti Depression Foods

Natural Remedies for Depression or Avsaad

Depression or Avsaad: Depression or ‘Avsaad’ (in Hindi) is the most common but serious type of emotional disorders. It is a state of low mood that affects a person’s physical and mental health. Depression may vary from feelings of slight sadness to utter grief and dejection. It is the most unpleasant experience a person can … Read more Natural Remedies for Depression or Avsaad

Food for Indian Mother (Jachcha)- After Delivery

A traditional Indian food is more beneficial for the post-delivery recovery. It is as important for an Indian mother/ new mother (jachcha or prasuta in Hindi) as pregnancy diet. After delivering a baby, a new mother became really weak and delicate; she needs extra care to regain health and energy as she had before pregnancy. … Read more Food for Indian Mother (Jachcha)- After Delivery

Sehjan ki Fali or Drumsticks – Health Benefits

Commonly known by the name of ‘Moringa Oleifera’ (Botanical name), Sehjan ki fali or drumstick is a medicinal plant commonly grown in different parts of India. ‘Munaga’ or ‘sehjan’ is its Hindi names. Likewise, it is known as ‘Muringa’ in Malyalam, ‘Shevaga’ in Marathi, ‘Murungai” in Tamil, ‘Nugge Mara’ in Kannada. Apart from India, it … Read more Sehjan ki Fali or Drumsticks – Health Benefits

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds (Kaddu-ke-Beej)

Pumpkin seeds are edible seeds, usually consumed after roasting. Pumpkin (kaddu in Hindi) is commonly available all over India and many other countries. But did you know, even Pumpkin seeds are edible and can impart amazing benefits. Pumpkin also known as ‘Kaddu’ in hindi belongs to Cucurbitaceae plant family. It is a very common vegetable (which … Read more Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds (Kaddu-ke-Beej)

Benefits of Watermelon Seeds (Tarbuj-ke-beej)

Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is one of the favorite summer fruit for all the age groups. Watermelon seeds (tarbuj ke beej) are highly underrated and are usually thrown while eating the juicy red part of watermelon. But did you know these seeds are fully packed with nutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Why should You … Read more Benefits of Watermelon Seeds (Tarbuj-ke-beej)