Tips for Prevention of Cold among Kids

Cold Among Kids:

Cold and cough (sardi khansi) is a very common viral disease of kids for which parents use medicines every time. It spreads from one member of the family to another. Kids tend to get cold and cough easily therefore it is better to take some prevention instead of treatment. Some of the effective preventive tips are mentioned in this article.Prevention from cold among kids

Tips for Prevention of Cold among Kids:

1. Mustard Oil Massage:

Mustard oil massage prevents kids from cold related health problems. Give him a regular body massage of mustard oil in the morning and keep in sunlight for half an hour with thin cloths. The kid will never have any cough and cold problem. This remedy may be applied to any age group of children.

2. Honey for Prevention of Cold:

Honey (shahad) is popular from ancient time as a natural preventive measure. Give a little amount of honey (1-2 drops) daily at night to an infant. Honey also helps to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria; it soothes cough and prevent child from any cough and cold infection.

3. Basil Juice for Prevention of Cold:

Tulsi or Basil leaves has many medicinal properties. (1) Rub Basil juice on nose, ear and forehead of child daily at night at the time of sleep. It is the best natural guard to save children from catching cold and cough. To extract juice, crush some basil leaves and sieve. Basil (Tulsi) plant is available in every house or neighborhood.

4. Onion for Prevention of Cold:

For prevention of cold, tie up one crushed onion in a cotton cloth (swag of one crushed onion) near the bed of newborn infant. It prevents babies from any infection, especially cold.

5. Neem Leaves:

Boil some neem tree leaves (azadirachta indica leaves) in water and give lukewarm water sponge to the infant once in a week. Neem has anti-bacterial properties and prevents child from any type of cold infection. (2) You can find Neem tree easily in your surroundings.