Sehjan ki Fali or Drumsticks – Health Benefits

Commonly known by the name of ‘Moringa Oleifera’ (Botanical name), Sehjan ki fali or drumstick is a medicinal plant commonly grown in different parts of India. ‘Munaga’ or ‘sehjan’ is its Hindi names. Likewise, it is known as ‘Muringa’ in Malyalam, ‘Shevaga’ in Marathi, ‘Murungai” in Tamil, ‘Nugge Mara’ in Kannada. Apart from India, it is also grown and used in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

Drumstick or sehjan is grown as tree and provides many important nutrients and health benefits. Every part of this tree has some medicinal benefits whether its leaves, fruit, flower (phool), seed (beej), root (jad), pod, bark (chaal), gum or oil. But its leaves has more medicinal benefits than its fruit and flower. In Ayurveda, Drumstick (sehjan) tree is used to treat about 300 diseases. Sehjan ki fali are used in treatment of joint pains, cough, asthma, skin diseases, sperm production, blood pressure, headache and many more.

Sehjan ki fali (Drumstick)- health benefits

Sehjan ki fali or drumsticks can be your complete health supplement and keep you healthy. It contains about 92 nutrients; in addition, it is also rich in carbohydrates, essential amino acids, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Drumstick also known for its vitamin B complex  vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid and many more important nutrients. Similarly, it has more vitamin C than a lemon. Being warm in nature, sehjan stimulates the heart, cures cough and act as a blood purifier. Because of its bitterness and warmness, it stimulates liver and improves digestion.

How to Use Sehjan or Moringa:

Fresh Leaves :Sehjan leaves

Sehjan leaves can be chopped and added to salad. Or you can cook it to make a saag (vegetable) and have it with chapati (flat bread).

Juice :

Similarly, you can extract the juice of sehjan or moringa leaves; grind fresh leaves with some water and strain it.

Dry Leaves Powder :

You can use it in powder form also. Simply, wash drumstick leaves and spread them on a clean sheet to dry under Sunlight. After drying completely, grind them to make fine powder and store into an airtight container.

Soup of Drumstick :

Drumstick soup is also easy to prepare and delicious in taste. To make soup, cut drumsticks (sehjan Ki fali) in to 3 inch pieces at first and then boil them in about 200 ml of water. Or you can pressure cook it for 2 to 3 whistles. After cooling, mash the drumsticks in water and remove the hard part. Add some condiments if you like or have it plain.

Oil :Sehjan oil

Moreover, Moringa or drumstick oil is also available in market. It is obtained from the seed pod of drumstick. Moringa oil has amazing analgesic properties and therefore effective in case of joint pains.

Health Benefits of Sehjan or Moringa

1. Sehjan For High Blood Pressure :

Sehjan leaves juice help to regulate high blood pressure patients. It also help to relieve other symptoms related to high blood pressure like anxiety, Vertigo and vomiting. It has higher amount of Oleic acid,- a mono-saturated omega 9 fatty acid which help to lower blood pressure and as well as prevent cell from free radical damage.

Simply, grind some sehjan leaves (a handful) with some water to make paste. Now strain it and add some more water. Drink it twice a day to get better results.

Or you can also make a decoction (kadha) by boiling the leaves in 200 ml of water till it become half (100 ml). Then, sieve it and drink lukewarm.

2. Sehjan For Babies :

Moringa or Sehjan is a good source of calcium which help to keep the bones and teeth healthy. It is said that 100 gm drumstick (moringa) leaves have calcium equivalent to 4 – 5 glasses of milk. Apart from calcium, it is also rich in other major minerals like iron, magnesium and phosphorus. If pregnant women or lactating mother consumes drumstick, she can provide its nutritional benefits to her baby.

Just add few drumstick to daal or sambhar daily. Or else dry its leaves and make powder and have half tea spoon with milk, curd or salad.

3. Sehjan For Glowing Skin :

Sehjan or Moringa is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Vitamin- A nourishes the skin while antioxidants prevent free radicals in the cell which in turn keep the skin away from aging. Moreover, moringa also has antibacterial properties and thus help to prevent pimple or other skin problems. In addition to that, it also helps in purification of blood which treats many skin problems, so add drumsticks in your daily diet and make your skin beautiful.

How to use Sehjan for glowing Skin:

a) Sehjan Leaves Paste :

Simply, make paste of sehjan leaves and apply on the face. After 15 to 20 minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water. It will not only give glow to your skin, but also keep it pimple free and delay ageing.

b) Sehjan Juice :

Take out juice of 3 – 4 drumsticks by grinding and straining; then squeeze a lemon into it. It will rejuvenate your skin and will add shine to it.

c) Sehjan Oil :

Sehjan or Moringa oil (also known as Ben oil or Behen oil) is rich source of behenic acid, which forms protective barrier against the skin and provides moisture. Moringa oil also helps to get rid of pimple marks and blemishes. Therefore, massage with few drops of Moringa oil on your face everyday for clear complexion.

4. For Purification of Water :

Sehjan has this very amazing property of clarification of water. In ancient times, drumstick leaves powder and seeds were mixed with water to removes its impurities. And later the water was strained through sieve and used for drinking purpose.

5. For Weight Loss :

Sehjan are low in calorie and high in protein and other nutrients which makes it a perfect diet food. Apart from this, it also boost metabolism which is a potent cause for obesity. Therefore include it in your diet as drumstick soup; or eat its vegetable (leaves) to reduce weight.

6. Sehjan Cure Indigestion :

Sehjan helps to strengthen the digestive system. Drumsticks are rich in fiber which help to regulate the bowel movement and treats constipation. It is also good to treat other stomach related problems like loose motion, dysentery, cholera, diarrhea and jaundice.

You can use sehjan with different ingredients for digestion-

a. Sehjan Root Juice with Mustard: 

Drumstick or Moringa Root                   50 gm

Mustard (sarson)                                   50 gm

Ginger                                                   50 gm

Grind equal quantities of its root, mustard and ginger and prepare tablets of 1 gm each. Give 1 tablet every morning and evening. It cures spleen and improves digestive power.

b.) Sehjan Root Juice with Ginger:

Sehjan Root Juice                                         9 gm

Ginger Juice                                                  1 gm

Mix both the juices and give it to the patient every morning and evening. It enhances the digestive power. (You can extract the juice of the ginger and moringa root by grinding them separately.)

7. For Cold and Cough :

Sehjan has high level of Vitamin C which helps to build immunity. It also helps to fight general infection like common cold and cough. In ancient times, it was also used to treat asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis.

a) For blocked nose and congestion :

Simply, boil 10 – 12 drumstick tree leaves and  5-6 seed pod (sehjan ki fali) in 2 liters of water. And then take steam with this water twice a day; for better results, repeat the process for 3 days.

(For  more remedies for go to ‘13 Natural Remedies for Cold’.)

8. Drumstick Seeds For Headache :

In Ayurveda, Sehjan has been used as a medicine for migraine for centuries. People suffering from prolonged headache and uneasiness should definitely include drumstick in their diet in any form to get its benefits.

  • If you are suffering from migraine usually, take 15-20 washed drumstick leaves and make a paste. Then apply the paste to your forehead and other affected part of head where you have headache. Now, lie down comfortably, close your eyes and rest for about 20 minutes.
  • Or Rub the dry seeds of moringa on a rough stone and inhale it. The smell help to relieve headache.
  • Nasya of drumstick root and jaggery is also quite effective in curing headache. Mix equal quantities of juice of its root and jaggery and give nasya of 1 drops of this mixture.

9. Drumstick for Sex Power :

From ancient times, Sehjan is known for its sexual health benefits. Zinc present in drumstick helps to increase the sperm count. In addition to that, it also helps to make the semen viscous. Therefore, it is also known as ‘Indian Viagra’. Men and women both should consume moringa (drumstick) for better sexual health.

Drumstick is also used as an ingredient to drugs for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Also in women it is used as an aphrodisiac (to increase sex drive).

a) Bark with Honey :

At first, boil few pieces of drumstick bark of tree in about half litre of water for about five minutes. And then mix a teaspoon of honey and consume. Drink this decoction (kadha) regularly to get rid of premature ejaculation problem (shigrapatan).

b) Moringa flower with milk :

In the same way, you can use moringa flowers to regain potency. Simply, boil 7 – 10 flowers of sehjan in a glass of milk (200ml) for 2-4 minutes and drink it warm. You can have this milk twice a day (morning and evening).

10. Sehjan For Intestinal Worms :

Sehjan or moringa ki fali (drumstick)Sehjan leaves juice or powder help to remove stomach worms for kids as well as adults. It can also prevent various bacterial and fungal infections. Intestinal worms can you look dull, anemic, lethargic and weak as they feed on the nutrition of the food you eat. These worms release toxic contents in the intestine and drumstick leaves juice helps to remove the worms as well as the toxins from the body. Drumstick powder capsules are also available in the market and are easy to consume.

Polluted water is the main cause of intestinal worms as it contains the worm eggs. Therefore in African countries, drumstick tree seeds are grounded and used for purification of water.

11. Sehjan For Pain :

Sehjan has analgesic properties and helps to reduce any kind of pain like muscular pain, stomach ache, rib pain and many more. It also reduces swelling and inflammation. You can use sehjan bark  to reduce internal swelling, inflammation and pain. Simply, make paste of sehjan tree bark (chal) by grinding with the help of water and apply on the affected area.

12. Drumstick For Constipation

Pick tender leaves of drumstick tree and make its vegetable (saag) and include it in your diet to treat constipation. Moringa (drumstick) powder is also available in the market. Take 1 teaspoon powder empty stomach with water, curd or buttermilk. For more natural remedies for constipation go to ‘12 Natural Remedies of Constipation.’

13. Sehjan Good For Pregnant Women :

Sehjan helps to make the baby delivery process easy by reducing the pain and discomfort. It is full of nutrients which are good for pregnant mother and the child inside (fetus). Although, it is suggested not to have sehjan just after the delivery, but can be taken after few weeks. But it is suggested to reduce the consumption of moringa in the third trimester.

14. Sehjan for Lactating Mothers : 

As mentioned above, sehjan is full of nutrients which lactating (feeding) mothers can pass on to their infants. Apart from this, its Flowers help to increase milk production in lactating mothers. For ease of use, dry drumstick flowers and grind to make powder. Now, take 1 teaspoon powder with warm milk everyday (morning). Please consult your doctor before taking Moringa (drumstick).

15. For Mouth Ulcers :

Sehjan is a rich source of vitamin B complex and  also treats stomach related general problems like indigestion. To cure mouth and throat ulcers, boil its 1 teaspoonful root in 300 ml water until water is reduced to ¼. Gargle with this decoction 2-3 times in a day.

16. Drumstick For UTI :

Moringa (drumstick) is known for its antibacterial property. Urinary tract Infection (UTI) is mainly a bacterial infection causing pain and discomfort while passing urine. According to research Moringa bark decoction help in treating UTI. (1)

Drinking moringa leaves tea have diuretic action as well as helps to fight bacterial infection.

17. For Blood Purification :

In Ayurveda, drumstick is known for its properties as a ‘rakt shodhak’ (blood purifier) and Yakrit Shodhana (liver cleanser). Sehjan has toxin binding capacity which removes toxins from blood and purifies it.

18. Sehjan as Tumour Inhibitor :

Sehjan is known to have anti tumor properties. According to a research, moringa reduced the cell growth in Ovarian Cancer. Based on such research moringa has potential to fight tumor.

According to Ayurveda, Moringa helps in purification of blood. And when clean blood circulates in the body, it inhibits growth of tumor.

19. For Ear Pain :

If ear pain troubles you, put few drops of sehjan leaves juice in the ear. Repeat the process after 4 hours if pain persists.

20. Sehjan For Wounds :

Antibacterial properties of sehjan help to reduce infection in the wound. Apply the paste of its leaves on wounded area and cover with a cotton cloth. Wash after few hours. Repeat the process for better results.

21. Sehjan for Flatulence/ Stomach ache :

Sehjan (moringa) is a potential medicine which helps to control flatulence with some other ingredients. But, remember excessive use of drumstick can lead to stomach gas or flatulence.


Drumstick Bark                        100 gm

Dry Ginger                                15 gm

Asafoetida                                   4 gm

At first, collect all the ingredients mentioned above and grind them with some water. Prepare tablets of 1 gm each and consume 1 tablet for 2-4 times a day. It cures swelling if the stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind and stomach pain.

22. Sehjan For Bronchial Asthma :

Bronchial Asthma is allergic in nature which leads to contraction in bronchi-oles and difficulty in breathing. Sehjan (moringa) seeds have potential effect in treating Bronchial Asthma.  Having 3 gm moringa seeds powder with water helps to reduce symptoms of Bronchial Asthma. In addition, it improves the respiratory function of the lungs.(2).

To treat bronchial asthma, mix drumstick root juice with ginger juice (equal quantity). You can give 11-15 gm of this mixture every morning and evening to the patient.

23. For Eye Disorders :

Drumstick and its leaves are commonly used as a vegetable in different parts of India. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and other nutrients.

a) For Conjunctivitis :

Grind few leaves and make a paste. Apply this paste over closed eye and tie it with a strip of cloth. Let it be there for about an hour and wash gently. Repeat the process twice a day.

b) For Corneal Opacity :

Simply, grind sufficient drumstick leaves to take out about 50 ml juice. Mix this juice with one tablespoon of honey and apply over the eye as eyeliner. Let it be there for few hours and repeat the process twice a day. Apply it at night, so it could remain over eyes for long time.

c) For Eye Swelling and pain :

According to Ayurveda, drumstick or Moringa is beneficial in eye pain and swelling occurring due to vata, pitta and Kapha (Doshas Of Ayurveda).

Mix Drumstick leaves juice and honey in equal quantities and put one drop in each eye. Repeat the process for few days to get better results. It is better to store the mixture in refrigerator.

24. Drumstick For Bone Strength:

Sehjan has high amount of calcium and other minerals like zinc, magnesium and potassium. Calcium is the building block of bones and teeth while magnesium helps in the overall functioning of the body.

25. Nutritional Supplement :

Sehjan is full of nutritional elements and therefore, it is a perfect natural nutritional supplement. For children from 1-3 year old and pregnant ladies, it is one of the best source of nutrition. In African Countries, Sehjan soup is commonly given to small kids and pregnant mothers. It is a cheaper as well as natural source of nutrition.

Side effects of Drumstick:

  1. Excessive use of Drumstick (Moringa) leaves can have laxative effect . It can also cause chest burning and diarrhoea.
  2. People on any medication related to blood should avoid its consumption. It has blood thinning property.
  3. Pregnant women or new mothers should always consult their doctor before consumption of Moringa (drumstick).